Where to eat and spend time in the vicinity of Red Square?

Where to eat and spend time in the vicinity of Red Square?

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Festivalnoye Café and Canteen #53

Столовая57 ГУМ Красная площадь

Among the highlights of the second-floor food court at GUM, or the State Department Store, are Festivalnoye and Canteen #53 where visitors can have a rather inexpensive lunch while enjoying the Soviet-era interior. Average lunch bill: 500-700 RUB.

Grocery No 1

gastronom_01 GUM Where to eat Red Square

Located on the store’s ground floor is Grocery No 1 famous for its bakery treats and cockerels on a stick. Open seven days a week from 10 am to 10 pm, Grocery No 1 offers discounted bakeries (15%) at night.

Bosco Café

Bosco cafe GUM Red Square where to eat

Bosco Café serves up Italian dishes and targets mostly tourists, meaning prices here are above average. The atmosphere is great, though. A cup of coffee with a dessert and a light snack will cost you 1,000 RUB.

At the Fountain is a cozy place to relax and sip delicious coffee. The prices are also above average: 1,000 RUB for a cup of coffee and a dessert.

Cafeteria at the Institute of Asian and African countries


The cafeteria at the Institute of Asian and African countries is open from noon to 4 pm. Entrance is free of charge and you won’t be asked to show your student card. Average bill: 250-300 RUB.

Amsterdam restaurant

Амстердам кафе Ильинка. Где перекусить на Красной площади

Further along Ilyinka Street, don’t miss Amsterdam, a great restaurant specializing mostly in Dutch cuisine. Average bill (with no drinks): 2,000 RUB.


Бутерброд кафе, где перекусить на Красной площадиSandwich or “BUTERBROD” in Russian, located in Vetoshny Lane, serves up tasty, albeit pricey burgers. Average bill: 700 RUB

Restaurant Laduree

LaDure ресторанLaduree is an exquisite French restaurant that offers, among other things, a menu for vegetarians. The average cost of a  hearty lunch without drinks is about 2,000-2,500 RUB

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