Where to listen to classical music in Moscow?

Where to listen to classical music in Moscow?

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Moscow has always been famous as a great place for classical music lovers and the world’s top performers love to give concerts here. To listen to classical music, some buy costly up-to-date equipment and others prefer vinyl records, but this does not quite convey an authentic concert atmosphere. Real classical music lovers prefer live symphonic performance and the inimitable acoustics of a concert hall.

Moscow State Academic Philharmonic

Moscow_philarmonyThe first place goes to the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic, with a seating capacity of over 1,500 and beautifully preserved historical interiors. The Philharmonic’s repertoire includes not only classical symphonies and folk music, but also jazz and other contemporary music genres.
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Moscow Conservatory


The Moscow Conservatory is another major meeting place for classical music lovers. The big concert hall of the Moscow Conservatory boasts outstanding acoustics, which is greatly appreciated throughout the world, and both top modern musicians and the Conservatory students give concerts here. Interestingly, entrance to some performances is free of charge.

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Moscow House of Music


The Moscow House of Music is among the top music performance venues across the world. The state-of-the-art technical equipment enables the House of Music to host the most sophisticated synthetic shows.

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