Hipsters in Moscow

Hipsters in Moscow


  • There are many small clothing shops in Moscow where you can pick up your unique image.
  • Art spaces of Moscow offer many interesting events in the field of design, art, architecture and music.
  • In the Contemporary Art Center "Vinzavod" besides interesting galleries, you will find cafes, creative showrooms, children's studios, a bookstore.
  • Original cozy coffee houses, burger-houses and author's cafes, where it is so nice to meet friends for discussing new exhibitions.
  • In posters of cinemas "35 mm" and "Illusion" you will always find a good author's cinema in the original language with Russian subtitles.

In Russia, any fashionably-dressed person holding an iPhone could be labelled ‘hipster’. In this article, however, the term ‘hipster’ refers to young intellectuals interested in modern art, keeping up with the latest fashions and state-of-the-art gadgets.

Over the past years, many stores, hairdressers, clubs and art venues targeting the hipster market have appeared in Moscow. Among the most recent developments are urban bicycle rentals, anti-cafés and anti-cinemas. Former factories and plants now house a multitude of creative clusters, all rejecting the mainstream schools of thought. Below is a brief guide to the most exciting locations in Moscow where the hipster crowd can be found.

Hipster clothing stores

Hipsters, despite evidence to the contrary, tend to be victims of fashion. They are highly conscious of their appearance, doing their best to create a specific, well thought out look, despite what appears to be a certain negligence when it comes to their appearance. Narrow jeans or leggings, printed T-shirts, multicoloured gym shoes, big glasses and short-brimmed hats are all part of their uniform. They tend to shop at stores such as Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Pull&Bear, Gap, H&M, Bershka and others that are found in almost any big shopping mall. Since hipsters adore combining brand-name clothes with vintage finds or modern retro styles, they are frequent visitors to expensive second-hand and vintage boutiques, flea markets and fairs selling handmade items.

Frik frakRussian: Фрик Фрак, a vintage clothing shop and gallery

The couturier, designer and fashion historian Irina Getmanova opened one such vintage boutique, targeting people with imagination who wish to wear unique clothing. The items of clothing and accessories for sale here are selected and delivered from all over Europe, and they are all at least 20 years old. These items are mostly bought by photographers, designers, artists and people dreaming of wearing the same outfits as those featured in V. Todorovsky’s much-discussed film, StilyagiRussian: Стиляги (Hipsters). Prices are not exorbitant – men’s shirts from the 1970s range in price from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles and dresses dating back to the 1960s through to the 1980s will cost you 2,500 rubles or more. Here, you will find stylish braces, vests, hats, jackets and even kilts, and trained assistants will help you create your ideal look.

Address: Bldg. 1, 25, ShabolovkaRussian: Шаболовка Street. Nearest metro station: ShabolovskayaRussian: Шаболовская.

Nichego podobnogoRussian: Ничего подобного (nothing of the kind), a secondhand store

This American vintage clothing store contains truly unique items. You will not find elegant evening dresses here, but, instead, you will see a wide range of sheepskin coats, flannel shirts and leather jackets. Most items are purchased in the USA, and winter collections come from Sweden and Holland. Brands include GAP, Levi’s, Wrangler, Timberland, Lee, DKNY, Cerrutti, 4 YOU, Diesel, Hugo Boss, La Costa and many more. The store sells men’s, women’s, children’s and even military clothing, so it’s a great place for family shopping trips. On certain days, the store offers 10% to 70% discounts; sales and everyone-wins lotteries are offered on holidays. The prices are moderate to high.

Address: Pavilion D-2Russian: Д-2, Elektronika na PresneRussian: Электроника на Пресне Shopping Mall, 4, Zvenigorodskoye HighwayRussian: Zvenigorodskoe shosse or Звенигородское шоссе. Nearest metro station: Ulitsa 1905 GodaRussian: Улица 1905 года.


You can be confident of purchasing true vintage clothing from this store; all the items come directly from the best European and American fashion style icons of the last decades. The collection offers well-known high fashion brands, including Chanel, Hermès, Yves Saint Laurent, Ungaro, Givenchy, Lanvin, Nina Ricci, Balmain, Gucci, Roberta di Camerino, Emilio Pucci and many fashion houses which were particularly popular in times gone by. It is no coincidence that this store is located next to TsUMRussian: ЦУМ (Central Universal Department StoreRussian: Tsentralnyi universalnyi magazin or Центральный универсальный магазин) and to Moscow luxury and designer stores. You will find many items created by high end fashion designers, so be ready to see exorbitant prices. For example, a 1985 Hermes Kelly bag costs 400,000 rubles and a woolen Chanel dress coat may cost up to 140,000 rubles. The store also sells accessories, interior decorations and dishware.

Address: 9, NeglinnayaRussian: Неглинная Street. Nearest metro station: Kuznetsky MostRussian: Кузнецкий мост.

Flea marketRussian: Bloshinyi rynok or Блошиный рынок in IzmaylovoRussian: Измайлово

This is Moscow’s largest flea market, where you can find vintage jewelry and clothing, antiquarian household items and rare furniture. It is located on the second floor of the VernissageRussian: Вернисаж in the Izmaylovo KremlinRussian: Izmaylovskiy kreml or Измайловский кремль and is open on weekends. Everyone will find something of interest, no matter it is that you happen to be looking for. Overall, it’s best to come first thing in the morning, as items of high quality tend to be sold quickly. Coming here in the evening, however, has its advantages too – sellers who are keen to shut up shop for the night are often willing to reduce prices considerably.

Address: 73zh, Izmaylovskoye HighwayRussian: Izmaylovskoe shosse or Измайловское шоссе. Nearest metro station: PartizanskayaRussian: Партизанская, exit to the Izmaylovo Hotel ComplexRussian: gostinichnyi kompleks Izmaylovo or гостиничный комплекс Измайлово.

In Moscow, there are many other locations where you can find something interesting to create a unique look. Vtoroye DykhaniyeRussian: Второе дыхание (Second Breath) (5, PyatnitskayaRussian: Пятницкая Street) is another great store selling secondhand luxury women’s clothing. The prices are moderate to high. Monoroon (36/2, Bolshaya NovodmistrovskayaRussian: Большая Новодмитровская Street) is a show room displaying clothing by young Asian designers from Bangkok and Seoul. Prices are more reasonable here. Among boutiques which sell multiple brands, it’s important to mention TrafficRussian: Траффик (17/1, Nikitsky BoulevardRussian: Nikitskiy bulvar or Никитский бульвар), which sells modern European brands and very unusual clothing, as well as the nearby UK Style (17, Nikitsky Boulevard) offering elegant British clothing at high prices.

Even if you are in a beautiful historic area or a tidy park, walking around the huge city takes up a lot of energy. For you to have a rest in the best way, on the pages of our website there is a lot of information about the best restaurants in Moscow, bars in Moscow (Russia) etc.

Hipster style

A hipster man wears stylish clothing and has a stylish haircut, beard and moustache. So, just like everywhere else in the world, barbershops have gained great popularity in Moscow. The setting, service and even the barbers add to the atmosphere where men feel as if they were part of some elite men’s club.

Chop chop barbershop

This network of barbershops, created by Aleksandr Yermilov, editor of the GQ website, and tattooist Yevgeny Murushkin, is considered to be one of the best in Moscow. In addition to getting a haircut, visitors are offered a drink (Coca Cola, coffee, beer or liquor) and a magazine to read (GQ, The New Yorker or KommersantRussian: КоммерсантЪ). At the same time, prices aren’t that different to other beauty salons in Moscow; a standard treatment varies in price from 800 to 1800 rubles. The Chop Chop Barbershop runs its own academy, and many of its graduates prefer working in barbershops rather than elsewhere, out of a desire to continue developing male hairstyles in Russia.

Addresses: 22, Timura FrunzeRussian: Тимура Фрунзе Street (Park KulturyRussian: Парк культуры Metro Station); 30, KonyushkovskayaRussian: Конюшковская Street (KrasnopresnenskayaRussian: Краснопресненская Metro Station); 14, Nikitsky Boulevard (ArbatskayaRussian: Арбатская Metro Station); 6, Maly Kozikhinsky Lane Russian: Malyi Kozikhinskiy pereulok or Малый Козихинский переулок(MayakovskayaRussian: Маяковская Metro Station); 7, 3rd Tverskaya-Yamskaya StreetRussian: 3-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya or 3-я Тверская-Ямская (Mayakovskaya Metro Station); Bldg. 3, 9, Stoleshnikov LaneRussian: Stoleshnikov pereulok or Столешников переулок (ChekhovskayaRussian: Чеховская Metro Station); Bldg. 1, 10, Chistoprudny BoulevardRussian: Chistoprudnyi bulvar or Чистопрудный бульвар (Chistye PrudyRussian: Чистые пруды Metro Station).

Mr. Right Barbershop

Moscow’s first Mr. Right barbershop was opened in the summer of 2012. It combines old British shaving traditions with a classical interior design and a relaxed atmosphere, as well as a carefully selected soundtrack. Barbers are highly experienced in beard and moustache grooming and straight razor shaving and offer a wide of classical and modern haircuts. As is the case with Chop Chop, this barbershop also runs its own barber school where new barbers are trained. Prices range from 900 to 2,100 rubles.

Addresses: 3, Maly Patriarshy LaneRussian: Malyi Patriarshiy pereulok or Малый Патриарший переулок (PushkinskayaRussian: Пушскинская Metro Station); 5, DolgorukovskayaRussian: Долгоруковская Street (Mayakovskaya Metro Station); Block 4, 12, Chistoprudny Boulevard (Chistye Prudy Metro Station).

Annie hall beauty salon

If you happen to be female and interested in the hipster lifestyle, you may consider visiting a women’s beauty salon specializing in the best creative haircuts in Moscow. This is precisely the aim of the Annie Hall beauty salon, located on Patriarch’s PondsRussian: Patriarshie prudy or Патриаршие пруды. Here, natural beauty and simple hairstyles are celebrated. The salon is designed as a cozy women’s club where visitors can flip through the latest issues of American magazines while sipping a cup of coffee, and on Fridays you will be treated to a glass of champagne and film screenings. Average prices range from 3,000 to 4,500 rubles.

Address: 24/1, SpiridonovkaRussian: Спиридоновка Street (Pushkinskaya Metro Station).

Hipster entertainment locations

In Moscow, there are many popular locations where hipsters familiarize themselves with contemporary art or meet like-minded people. This category of people are regular visitors to FalansterRussian: Фаланстер (12/27 Maly Gnezdnikovsky LaneRussian: Malyi Gnezdnikovskiy pereulok or Малый Гнездниковский переулок), a store that offers a wide choice of intellectual literature and holds lectures on history and cultural studies. Another bookstore, RespublikaRussian: Республика, combines a shop and a club hosting exhibitions and film screenings on a regular basis. Currently, it maintains an extensive network of stores throughout Moscow.

In terms of cinematography, hipsters tend to prefer art films and, consequently, go to cinemas showing retrospectives of little-known filmmakers. They also prefer films to be in their original language. Among the Moscow cinemas catering to this are ‘35mmRussian: 35 мм’ (47/24, PokrovkaRussian: Покровка Street) and ‘IlluzionRussian: Иллюзион’ (1/15, Kotelnicheskaya EmbankmentRussian: Kotelnicheskaya naberezhnaya or Котельническая набережная). Moscow features a variety of cultural centres, anti-cafés and art lofts where visitors may talk about art or listen to lectures over a cup of coffee. At the Punktum Cultural CentreRussian: Kulturnyi tsentr «Punktum» or Культурный центр «Пунктум» (Bldg. 2, 12, TverskayaRussian: Тверская Street), you can register for creative and language courses, participate in classes, attend lectures or just read a book by the fireplace. TsiferblatRussian: Циферблат (Dial) (12, Pokrovka Street) is a free space available for rent; visitors pay only for the time spent here, and tea, coffee, cookies and books are provided for free. At the anti-café and co-working space of Khoroshaya RespublikaRussian: Хорошая республика (Good Republic) (Bldg. 24, 13, MyasnitskayaRussian: Мясницкая Street), you can attend an anime night or a jazz concert, have a meeting and participate in a class.

Flakon design plantRussian: Dizayn-zavod «Flakon» or Дизайн-завод «Флакон»

As well as chamber facilities, Moscow offers huge art clusters, which occupy the premises of former plants and factories. In 2009, a former scent bottle factory was redesigned as a venue for the development of new cultural projects. Flakon’s motto – ‘Do what you want’ – opens up ample opportunities for self-expression, and, indeed, a creative atmosphere prevails in the former design plant, attracting more and more highly creative people. This location features an architectural office, fashionable designer showrooms, artisan workshops, publishing houses, co-working spaces and art cafés. It is a great place to hold all kinds of events, ranging from weddings to business training.

Flakon is a little piece of paradise for the hipster culture. There is fashionable clothing and footwear in the Monoroom boutique, at Capsula there is a running shoes and other footwear store, and at 21Shop, there is a store specializing in streetwear. Stylish jewelry and decorations by American designers are available at Inloveny. Electra and CityCycle offer a wide range of urban bicycles. If you feel like making something with your hands, stop by one of the artisan workshops, where you can learn to sew, smith, use tools, draw and much more. There are also yoga classes available, which are offered by the Vkus&TsvetRussian: Вкус&Цвет project. You can also study art history at the Seasons of Life, a school directed by professors from the Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and IndustryRussian: Moskovskaya khudozhestvenno-promyshlennaya akademiya imeni S.G. Stroganova or Московская художественно-промышленная академия имени С.Г. Строганова.

Address: 36, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Street. Nearest metro station: DmitrovskayaRussian: Дмитровская.

Vinzavod modern art centreRussian: Tsentr sovremennogo iskusstva "Vinzavod" or Центр современного искусства "Винзавод"

This former brewery and winery has recently become one of Moscow’s largest exhibition venues. Initially, the premises hosted only exhibitions by modern-day artists, architects, photographers and sculptors, but there was still a lot of free space. All kinds of artists began to occupy it little by little, and now the venue boasts a huge variety of modern art galleries, large and small.

If you like painting, visit PeredvizhnikRussian: Передвижник, an art supply store at Vinzavod. Those who are fond of vintage and cute knickknacks will enjoy a visit to Nora KrolikaRussian: Нора Кролика. Cosmotheca is a beauty store selling products by rare cosmetics brands and unique perfumes from all over the world. Vinzavod also makes its venue available for hosting educational projects, photography, filmmaking and design classes.

If you want to have a bite to eat and relax, pay a visit to [tooltip text="Russian: цурцум"]Tsurtsum[/tooltip] Café and try a homemade cake or a fruit cocktail in a relaxed atmosphere. This location also arranges screenings of unique films, accompanied by opinions of film critics, meetings with writers and themed parties.

Address: Bldg. 6, 1, 4th Syromyatnichesky LaneRussian: 4-y Syromyatnicheskiy pereulok or 4-й Сыромятнический переулок. Nearest metro station: KurskayaRussian: Курская, ChkalovskayaRussian: Чкаловская.

Red octoberRussian: Krasnyi Oktyabr' or Красный Октябрь

Located on a peninsula in the middle of the Moskva River, the largest confectionery of the Soviet Union has turned into one of Moscow’s most trendy places, abounding with nightclubs, restaurants, art galleries and exhibition halls. Hipsters will surely find many fun things to do here.

The red brick building of the former factory now houses T-shka, a store that sells designer T-shirts with funny and trendy prints. Kino HouseRussian: Кино Хауз is an anti-cinema where you choose the film, the viewing times and the setting, and the only thing you have to pay for are the viewing times. The Cloud Nine Art Space offers you the option to chose between practicing floristics or calligraphy or taking part in a photo session. You can also book birthday celebrations in this venue. The tech community’s conferences and meetings take place at the Digital October Center. The Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and DesignRussian: Institut media, arkhitektury i dizayna «Strelka» or Институт медиа, архитектуры и дизайна «Стрелка», which has gained in popularity over the past few years, brings together fledgling architects, designers and sociologists with a view to create and carry out various projects aiming to make Moscow a more comfortable place for living.

The Brothers Lumière Photography CentreRussian: Tsentr fotografii imeni bratiev Lyumer or Центр фотографии имени братьев Люмьер is a great spot for lovers of photography and modern art. Its three exhibition halls regularly host exciting exhibitions, and the Centre’s library and bookstore feature the best books on photography published in the past 80 years.

Life is bustling at Red October on weekends, with all of its bars, cafés and nightclubs. The Strelka BarRussian: Бар «Стрелка» is the main meeting point for hipsters in Moscow. Among other popular bars are the Gipsy and Rolling Stone Bar, as well as a nightclub called Icon. Fabrika is a highly unusual hostel for those who are unwilling to leave the art cluster. It features a café and gallery and hosts all kinds of events, ranging from acoustic chamber concerts to lectures.

Address: 6, Bersenevskaya EmbankmentRussian: Bersenevskaya naberezhnaya or Берсеневская набережная. Nearest metro station: KropotkinskayaRussian: Кропоткинская, TretyakovskayaRussian: Третьяковская.

Artplay design centre

Artplay is located on the premises of ManometreRussian: Манометр, a former factory built over a century ago. The main areas of activity are design, architecture and art. A number of well-known educational projects are also located here, such as the British Higher School of Art & DesignRussian: Britanskaya Vysshaya Shkola Dizayna or Британская Высшая Школа Дизайна and the Moscow Architecture SchoolRussian: Moskovskaya arkhitekturnaya shkola MARSh or Московская архитектурная школа МАРШ. The latter trains modern film industry personnel.

You will find all kinds of shops at Artplay, most of them focused on selling finishing materials, interior decorations and furniture. You can also buy high-quality concept-based optic products at Spaseebo and designer decorations from all over the world at SakharokRussian: Сахарок.

As well as education and shopping, there are exhibitions, festivals and performances that take place regularly in Artplay’s three exhibition halls. A rink is open to visitors on the Design Centre’s roof in wintertime, and in summer it transforms into a beach zone with music, a bar and lounges.

Address: 10, Nizhnyaya SyromyatnicheskayaRussian: Нижняя Сыромятническая Street. Nearest metro station: Chkalovskaya, Kurskaya.

Other major art clusters and business centres occupy the Tryokhgornaya ManufactureRussian: Tryokhgornaya manufaktura or Трёхгорная мануфактура (Bldg. 1, 15, RodchelskayaRussian: Родчельская Street), the Danilovskaya ManufactureRussian: Danilovskaya manufaktura or Даниловская мануфактура (Bldg. 1, 9, Varshavskoye HighwayRussian: Varshavskoe shosse or Варшавское шоссе) and the Arma PlantRussian: zavod «Arma» or завод «Арма» (Bldg. 13, 5, Nizhny Susalny LaneRussian: Nizhniy Susalnyi pereulok or Нижний Сусальный переулок).

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