Bauman Garden

Bauman Garden

The Bauman Garden Russian: sad kultury i otdyiha imeni N. E. Baumana or сад культуры и отдыха имени Н. Э. Бауманаis a small garden located in Moscow’s prestigious Basmanny districtRussian: Basmannyi rayon or Басманный район, tucked between Staraya BasmannayaRussian: Старая Басманная and Novaya BasmannnayaRussian: Новая Басманная Streets. It preserves the old Moscow spirit with its low buildings and cozy squares. Visitors will enjoy well-groomed alleys lined with century-old trees, the grotto ‘BelvedereRussian: Бельведер’ and Prince Golytsin’s old estateRussian: usad'ba knyazya Golitsyina or усадьба князя Голицына, user-friendly bike lanes and the sounds of music coming from the concert venue featured in the well-known film, The Pokrovsky GateRussian: Pokrovskie vorota or Покровские ворота.


3The park is the creation of Prince Mikhail Golytsinprince, bibliophile and collector of art who created this wonderful site for all Muscovites to use in the late 18th century. Prince Golitsyn’s estate and the decorative artificial grotto ‘Belvedere’ are the only features that have survived from those times. The garden was named after the Russian revolutionary leader Nikolai Baumana professional Russian revolutionary of the Bolshevik party in 1922 due to its proximity to Baumanskaya StreetRussian: улица Бауманская. During the two years preceding this change of name, the park was dedicated to May Day (International Workers’ Day).

Major reconstruction of the garden undertaken in 2012–2013 significantly changed its infrastructure, turning it into a cultural centre while preserving and renovating some symbols of a bygone era; the alleys bordered with ancient trees and the quaint grotto ‘Belvedere’ are reminiscent of the former luxury of the estate, and visitors are welcome to enjoy night musical performances on the open-air stage that was featured in the cult Soviet movie The Pokrovsky Gate.

This sight is located far away from the city center, and it is comfortable to use a taxi to reach it. If you are interested in taxi Moscow rates, you can read about it on our website page “Taxi in Moscow”.


404_image3_sThe park has managed to successfully integrate itself into the city’s layout. It has become a true cultural centre as well as a great place for leisure. This site is bustling with activity at every time of year!

The park is disability-friendly and full of children-oriented recreational facilities, such as a giant playground and child educational centres offering a wide range of development programs. Active city-dwellers can also find something interesting for themselves in the Bauman garden, such as a jogging club open on Saturdays, a volleyball court during the warm season, and a free ice-skating rink with skate rentals during winter. Pay a visit to a professional yoga and fitness class or even learn to boogie like characters in 20th century movies. The open-air stage also hosts a flea market where every fashionmonger will discover vintage items to his or her liking. This flea market is open on Sundays. If you are a foodie, numerous food stalls and cafes are set up in the garden for your pleasure.405_image4_s

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Between Garden Ring and Third Ring Road

Nearest Metro Station

Krasniye Vorota


15 Staraya Basmannaya Street, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Mo: 6 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Tu: 6 a.m. - 12 a.m.
We: 6 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Th: 6 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Fr: 6 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Sa: 6 a.m. - 12 a.m.
Su: 6 a.m. - 12 a.m.

Ticket Price

Admission is free. Photo and video filming is allowed.

Visiting Rules

It is forbidden to enter the garden by car, to spoil the flower beds and the property of the garden.

Additional Information

Dog walking is allowed.


Old Bauman Garden. 1957-1960
Italian Cafe
Italian Cafe and the stage
Bauman Garden in winter
Summer entertainment
Winter evening
Winter decorations in Bauman Garden
Summer concert
Lilac in bloom in Bauman Garden
An open-air cafe
Relaxing in summer
Entrance to Bauman Garden
Bauman Garden in summer
The Golitsyns' Estate viewed from Bauman Garden
Actor Leonid Bronevoy performing on Bauman Garden's stage in The Pokrovsky Gate
CitYkids Children's Center
Sunday flea market
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Visitor rating:   4.5

August 2015
It is a city park, full of life, quite popular among young people, very neat and modern. There are two huge playgrounds where everyone can find something interesting (for example, there is a ramp suitable for children with special needs, and hammocks, and many other things). One may rent a toy vehicle or just sit on the bench, relax and eat an ice-cream. Clean free toilets. Beauty salon for moms. Activities for children. Two restaurants and several points with street food. Sunday Up Market and music.

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