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Kitay-gorod, also referred to as the Great Possad, is an area of Moscow located east of the Kremlin Red Square. This is where the earliest streets of Moscow are preserved, as well as numerous unique monuments of architecture, and an active government district.
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Viewing points
All cities have vantage points which reveal their most scenic views. Moscow's are particularly diverse. You can enjoy views of the city from the walls of historical monuments, from modern high-rise buildings, as well as picturesque embankments.
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Tverskaya Street is Moscow’s main thoroughfare. It joins the Red Square with the Triumfalnaya Square. Many historic buildings dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries are located along it. Of special interest are the Stalinist neoclassical blocks.
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The Old Basmannaya Sloboda can be likened to the Bermuda Triangle of Moscow. Its three sides are the Garden Ring, New Basmannaya and Old Basmannaya streets. As you arrive, it feels like taking a step back into the past, into the world of magnificent estates.
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St. John's Hill and Khitrovka area
There are places in Moscow where time seems to have stopped. St. John’s Hill is one of them. This magical spot is encompassed by Maroseyka and Solyanka Streets and Lubyansky Proezd. Monuments dating back to different historical periods harmoniously coexist here.
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Zamoskvorechye is an exceptionally interesting district southward of the Kremlin. This is a favourite place for Muscovites. Many streets and lanes have undergone reconstruction and now feature broad sidewalks, stylish lanterns, benches and cycling lanes.
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The renowned German Quarter was located in the vast area between Baumanskaya and Kurskaya Metro Stations. It is where one can still feel the presence of Peter I, Catherine II and Alexander I, admire the Lefortovo Palace, and other landmarks.
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Old Arbat Street
The Arbat is one of the main tourist venues of the capital, with its unparalleled atmosphere. There are not many streets in the world where such an incredible collection of outstanding artists and cultural figures have lived and worked in such close proximity.
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Ostozhenka and Prechistenka area
The Ostozhenka and Prechistenka streets run from Prechistensky Gate square, where the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is located. In the late 20th century they turned into one of the most prestigious and expensive districts of the Russian capital.
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Stoleshnikov Lane and Kuznetsky Most Street
These lanes have preserved the flavour of 18th century Moscow. Lodging houses, manor houses of the nobility and theatres coexist harmoniously with modern office blocks, high-end boutiques and restaurants. A stroll is better begin from Stoleshnikov Lane.
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Kolomenskoye in Moscow
Kolomenskoe is a sightseeing attraction in the south of Moscow which served as a residence for Russian grand princes and tsars for many centuries. Today, it is home to the Kolomenskoe Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum Reserve.
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Moscow Underground Architecture
The Moscow Metro is considered one of the most beautiful rapid transit systems in the world. Each of its 222 stations is unique in its own way, and many of the stations built in the Soviet era are recognised as masterpieces of Moscow architecture.
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Rent a Bike in Moscow
The Moscow city bike network began to develop rapidly a few years ago. The number of docking stations continues to grow; it is now around 350. Also there are private bike rentals, some of them represent chains of sport equipment rentals in Moscow.
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Moscow Diggers
Many have heard that there is a whole underground city with branching tunnels and endless mysteries beneath Moscow. However, an ordinary person will hardly ever be able to get in there. This is much easier to do in a company of real fans of catacomb exploration—diggers.
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Steeple-roofed towers of the Moscow Kremlin and its walls with swallow-tailed crenellations are irreplaceable elements of the metropolis panorama. The fortifications were constructed in the 15th century by Italian architects to protect the city from enemies.
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Myasnitskaya and Pokrovka Streets
There are three streets in the centre of Moscow that flow like rivers from Kitay-gorod to Garden Ring, bringing together the past and present in an invisible stream. These streets are Myasnitskaya, Maroseyka and Pokrovka, which takes off from Maroseyka.
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Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow
Tsaritsyno is one of unique sights in the southern part of Moscow. It's a historical, natural and architectural ensemble with a palace and park complex dating back to the second half of the 18th cent. It was founded in 1776 by the order of Catherine the Great.
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Boulevards: Gogolevsky, Nikitsky, Tverskoy
The Boulevard Ring is a wonderful place for a stroll in Moscow. Picturesque greenery, and wide walkways... The most picturesque boulevards – Gogolevsky, Nikitsky, Tverskoy – flow one into another. There are numerous artworks and historical landmarks.
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