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Any city has a few viewing points where the most scenic views open up. There are such places in Moscow too, and those are particularly diverse. You can enjoy the view of the city both from the walls of historical monuments and from modern high-rise buildings as well as picturesque embankments.
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Steeple-roofed towers of the Moscow Kremlin and its walls with swallow-tailed crenellations are irreplaceable elements of the metropolis panorama. Twenty Kremlin towers connected by walls form an irregular triangle enclosing an area of 28 ha. The fortifications were constructed using the latest 15th-century technology.
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The Old Basmannaya Sloboda can be referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Moscow. The three sides of the ‘Basmanny Triangle’—Garden Ring , New Basmannaya and Old Basmannaya streets.
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St. John's Hill and Khitrovka area
There are places in Moscow that look as if time has stopped there. They're very quiet, cars are few and there are no neon signs, and cats are strolling lazily about… St. John’s Hill is one of such places.
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Kitay-gorod is an area of Moscow located east of the Kremlin. This is where the earliest streets of Moscow are preserved, as well as numerous unique monuments of architecture, and an active government district. Kitay-gorod adjoins Red Square and leads into the historical part of Moscow.
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The renowned German Quarter was located in the vast area between Baumanskaya and Kurskaya Metro Stations. It is where one can still feel the presence of Peter I, Catherine II and Alexander I, admire the Lefortovo Palace the Yelokhovo Epiphany Cathedral and other landmarks.
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Tverskaya Street is Moscow’s main thoroughfare. It joins the Red Square with the Triumfalnaya Square, continues further as Tverskaya-Yamskaya Street and, passing the Belorussian Railway Station, as Leningradsky Avenue.
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Old Arbat Street
The Arbat (Russian: Арбат) is a street you can only talk about delightfully! There are so many stories connected with it, so many people has it witnessed, so many memories it keeps... You name it!
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Ostozhenka and Prechistenka area
These famous streets are known as the old-timers of the spirit of Moscow, which have absorbed the images and stories of different epochs. In the late 20th century they turned into one of the most prestigious and expensive districts of the Russian capital.
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Zamoskvorechye is a vast and exceptionally interesting district southward of the Kremlin, where outstanding architectural landmarks have survived to our times, such as the Resurrection Church in Kadashi, St. Kliment’s Church, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Church of St. Gregory of Neo-Caesarea and many other historical sites.
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