Moscow Raceway
Every car and motorcycle lover sometimes feels like becoming a racer. Russia’s only raceway that meets the highest international standards, Moscow Raceway, provides you with such an opportunity. Located near the town of Volokolamsk, not far from Moscow, Moscow Raceway raceway was designed by Hermann Tilke.
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Rock Climbing
Over 60 indoor climbing gyms are available in the capital. Indoor climbing is gaining in popularity among sport and outdoor leisure enthusiasts in Moscow, and the number of these facilities increases every year. All indoor climbing gyms offer rental services.
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Kart Racing
Karting is an exciting motorsport with small, open racing cars called karts, or go-karts. The development and relative accessibility of kart rentals allow everyone – even kids – to try his or her hand at racing. No driver’s license is required to drive it.
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Moscow Diggers
Many have heard that there is a whole underground city with branching tunnels and endless mysteries beneath Moscow. However, an ordinary person will hardly ever be able to get in there. This is much easier to do in a company of real fans of catacomb exploration—diggers.
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Skydiving and Aircraft Sports
Man has always dreamed of flying in the sky, and there are plenty of opportunities today. Provided you have enough money and a craving for adrenaline, there is no shortage of air adventures in Moscow. However, all the flying clubs are located outside the city, so you will have to spent some time getting there.
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