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Moscow architecture is a jewel of the Russian crown

If you visit Moscow you will discover an amazing architecture of all types and periods – from the early Middle Ages to the most modern ones. Moscow represents architectural masterpieces from ten centuries! Unfortunately, not all have survived. Moscow architecture sightseeing that we can enjoy today give us a good idea of this city. Moscow used to be the capital of the Moscow Kingdom and the main spiritual center of Russia. Later on, the capital was transferred to St. Petersburg. After a while, a place of the coronation of all Russian great kings and royalty returned to its original location in Moscow. All these historical changes can be traced in Moscow architecture complexes and buildings created in certain styles of the epochs. Moscow is a huge architectural kaleidoscope, which includes world-famous attractions. You only need to choose what attractions in Moscow you would like to visit first. You have a great chance to discover the popular Moscow historical places.

In the Footsteps of the Great Patriotic War in Moscow
Despite the fact that the Nazis aimed to wipe Moscow off the face of the Earth, Soviet soldiers were able to defend the city and avoid major devastation of Moscow historical places. Incredible sacrifices of millions of people were the price to pay for it.
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Historical Cemeteries of Moscow
Cemeteries are also special landmarks illustrative of their time. When visiting major landmarks in Moscow, you will most likely meet some grave along your way. For instance, you can’t miss the Mausoleum and the graves lined up along the Kremlin wall.
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Izmailovo Museum Reserve
The Izmailovo museum reserve is located on the historic site of the Tsar’s Court. This vast architectural ensemble originally built during the reign of the first tsars of the Romanov dynasty is a landmark of Moscow architecture dating back to the 17-19th cent.
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Kolomenskoye in Moscow
Kolomenskoe is a sightseeing attraction in the south of Moscow which served as a residence for Russian grand princes and tsars for many centuries. Today, it is home to the Kolomenskoe Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum Reserve.
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Stalinist Empire Style in Moscow
The period from the 1930s through the early 1950s is closely associated in Russia with the name of Joseph Stalin and the ‘Stalinist Empire style’. Among such sights in Moscow one can see the Moscow State University, VDNKh, Gorky Park, and the Moscow Metro.
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Moscow Underground Architecture
The Moscow Metro is considered one of the most beautiful rapid transit systems in the world. Each of its 222 stations is unique in its own way, and many of the stations built in the Soviet era are recognised as masterpieces of Moscow architecture.
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Stalin's Seven Sisters
The Seven Sisters, or ‘Stalin’s high-rises’, are undoubtedly among Moscow's primery landmarks of Stalinist architecture. Constructed between the mid-1940s and the early 1950s, these high-rises became the attributes of a modern metropolitan city.
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Kuskovo Estate
The Kuskovo Estate is one of most interesting Moscow attractions located to the east of Moscow. It is the former residence of the Sheremetev family. The Sheremetevs owned the Kuskovo Estate for over three hundred years until the Socialist Revolution of 1917.
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Lefortovo Park
Lefortovo is a unique corner among sightseeing Moscow places. It has preserved its original appearance since the 18th century. Here you will see buildings dating back to the times of empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great, museums and much more.
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Arkhangelskoye Estate Museum
The Arkhangelskoe Memorial Estate is one of the most wonderful attractions near Moscow. This is the estate which used to be owned by Russia's richest aristocratic families of the 18-19th centuries including the Sheremetevs, the Yusupovs, and the Golitsyns.
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Schusev Museum of Architecture in Moscow
The Schusev Museum of Architecture in Moscow it is the first specialized architectural museum and the only place dedicated to the preservation of Russia's architectural legacy. It repository reflects the history of a whole millennium of Russian architecture.
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Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow
Tsaritsyno is one of unique sights in the southern part of Moscow. It's a historical, natural and architectural ensemble with a palace and park complex dating back to the second half of the 18th cent. It was founded in 1776 by the order of Catherine the Great.
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Monasteries of Moscow Region
Over the last few years monasteries around Moscow have been rapidly reconstructed. Over the hundreds of years they have been glorified by great saints, hermits, and preachers. Objects of religious reverence such as miraculous icons and relics are kept in them.
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Orthodox Churches in Moscow
The Moscow Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church officially includes about 1,000 churches and chapels. However, this count leaves out inactive churches, many of which are beautiful monuments of architecture. The true masterpiece is the St Basil's Cathedral.
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Architectural Monuments of the 16th–17th Centuries
The history of Moscow has seen evolution and hardships, wars and fires, which have brought numerous changes to the city’s look. The great fire of 1812, the aerial bombardments of World War II, and the civil engineering reconstruction of the Soviet and post-Soviet eras—so ruthless to history…
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VDNKh is a Moscow sightseeing place which serves as a public recreation area for Muscovites and visitors to the capital. Nowadays its empire style pavilions, fountains in summer and huge rink in winter make VDNKh one of the most popular attractions in Moscow.
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