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Moscow Museum of Modern Art is a place where art lives!

More than a hundred Moscow art galleries provide a great opportunity for a fascinating journey to the world of art. Every guest of the capital who appreciates contemporary artists will find something interesting in the Moscow museum of modern art. The Moscow art gallery is not a time-stained monument. It is a whole living organism, which is constantly changing. Every new exhibition brings a new joy to the visitors. Read the article, if you want to find out what Moscow museum of modern art is worth to go while visiting the Russian capital.

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography
The Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography is modern art gallery in Moscow that occupies the premises of a creative venue called 'The Red October', a former candy store. It's recognised in the capital for its organization of fantastic photography exhibitions.
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Ekaterina Cultural Foundation
The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation on Kuznetsky Bridge was established by Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin in 2002. The Foundation is active on several fronts, including running exhibitions, a publishing programme and collecting contemporary art.
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National Centre for Contemporary Arts
From its very first days, the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) began to put together its art collection and is still working on it today. It includes works by Russia’s contemporary painters, both well-known and those who are aspiring.
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Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art
The Winzavod Art Centre was redeveloped from the Moscow Bavaria brewery. Today, the Centre has become Russia’s hub of culture and creative power hosting exhibitions, biennales, festivals, master classes, creator-owned art galleries, schools and ateliers.
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Central House of Artists
The Central House of Artists in Moscow is one of the most popular contemporary art gallery and exhibition associations in Russia. It comprises the exhibition centre proper and the Gallery of 20th Century Art, which is part of the famous Tretyakov Gallery.
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Photocentre Association on Gogolevsky
Created in 1984, the Photo Expo Association affiliated to the Russian Union of Journalists is one of the most popular places among photography lovers. The aim of this centre is to promote photo art by means of exhibitions, with a focus on a street photography.
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MARS Center
MARS Centre of Contemporary Art is unusual Moscow art gallery that displays the most recent achievements of Russian and foreign artists in the area of 2,000 square metres. MARS exhibitions are full of installations using electronic, sound and light technology.
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Moscow Multimedia Art Museum
The Multimedia Art Museum of Moscow (MAMM) is entirely devoted to artworks created with multimedia technologies. The museum has a large collection of photographs, video art, media installations. It was founded on the grounds of the Moscow House of Photography.
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Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
The Garage museum is one of Moscow institutions that work at an international level running exhibitions alongside active educational and research work. This Moscow museum of modern art has a rich archive collection related to the history of Russian art.
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Manezh Central Exhibition Hall
The Manezh Central Exhibition Hall is the main Moscow art gallery. Over the last 30 years, this exhibition venue has regularly hosted international art forums and remarkable displays. It makes a very strong impact on the cultural life of the country.
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Moscow Museum of Modern Art
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA) is Russia’s first state-sponsored museum with the focus on Russian and foreign art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The concept of the museum was based on Zurab Tsereteli’s (a famous sculptor) private collection.
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