Palaeontology Museum
The Palaeontology Museum in southwest Moscow displays real skeletons and life-size sculptures of dinosaur fossils and mammoths. This is a great place to get an overview at the evolution of organic world, as well as to spend hours studying it in great depth.
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Central House of Aviation and Cosmonautics
The hard work of the conquerors of the sky is visually represented in the display of a small museum, namely, the Central House of Aviation and Cosmonautics in Moscow. Its visitors may see authentic simulators used to train astronauts, space suits, etc.
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It is the Europe’s largest aquarium located far away from the seaside. It opened in 2015 in a specially constructed building on the territory of VDNKh. Over 11 thousand sea, river and lake inhabitants from all over the world live on 12 thousand square meters.
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Darwin Museum
The Darwin Museum is the largest natural science museum in Moscow. The museum display centres around a rich collection of stuffed fauna specimens, occupying three floors of a vast building. In recent years, the museum has been using modern technologies.
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Zoological Museum of the Moscow University
The Moscow University Zoological Museum is Russia’s second largest museum in terms of the number of exhibits and ranks among the top 10 largest zoological museums in Europe. All of the items on display, with few exceptions, are representative of modern fauna.
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Schusev Museum of Architecture in Moscow
The Schusev Museum of Architecture in Moscow it is the first specialized architectural museum and the only place dedicated to the preservation of Russia's architectural legacy. It repository reflects the history of a whole millennium of Russian architecture.
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Fersman Mineralogical Museum
The Fersman Mineralogical Museum is one of the most interesting natural science museums in Russia. Its history spans over 300 years, and it is second to none in our country in the size of its collections. The collection comprises about 140 thousand specimens.
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Vernadsky Geological Museum
The State Geological Museum is known for its academic focus on geology and systematic approach. At the heart of the museum is an exhibit of 250 thousand specimens collected from 5 thousand deposits. This museum was established by scientist Vladimir Vernadsky.
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Timiryazev Museum of Biology
The Timiryazev Biology Museum is located in an old mansion in the centre of Moscow. It is in this museum that several branches of biology were introduced to the public in museum format. These include plant, animal and human physiology, genetics, ecology, etc.
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Ethnomir is an ethnographic park and museum 80 km from Moscow. It is a popular holiday destination for families with kids. The concept of Ethnomir is to create a park which brings together cultures from around the world and presents them in one site.
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Museum of Cosmonautics
The Museum of Cosmonautics is the largest space museum in Moscow. It is located on the ground floor of the Monument to Conquerors of Space. In this Moscow museum you can see the personal possessions of the first cosmonaut, the first spacesuits, etc.
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The Moscow Planetarium, ranking among the most modern planetariums and space museums in the world, reopened its doors in 2011 after a reconstruction. The Moscow Planetarium houses a wide variety of small museums with collections related to space and astronomy.
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