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Rock music emerged in Russia in the second half of the 20th century, in Soviet times. Russian rock music derives from Western European and American rock music, but the Russian national mentality left its mark on the emergence of a new music in the Soviet Union, except for the borrowed rhythms and the musical and thematic component.
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The Moscow school of jazz music made its first steps in the Soviet era. Despite being that young, it has already established its own traditions and lit up some bright stars on the sky of music.
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The centre of Russian motorcycle enthusiasts known as Night Wolves is located in northwest Moscow in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki District. A motorcycle workshop, the recreation club Sexton featuring several restaurants and bars, an open-air tented venue, comfortable parking and a street arena with a concert stage.
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Pubs and Beer Restaurants
Naturally, beer has no such sacral meaning for Russians as it does for Belgians, Germans or Czechs—it cannot be ranked among national symbols of Russia. Yet, this drink is very popular among Russians, and the beer market offers numerous national brands as well as all the famous ones from abroad.
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