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Moscow's fancy night clubs
Moscow's nightlife is vibrant and diverse. It's best to start at the centre of the city to experience the best of it. A lot of Moscow clubs have been designed by world-famous experts, and Moscow DJs are often ranked in the world DJ tracklists.
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Pubs and Beer Restaurants
Naturally, doesn't have the same sacred meaning for Russians as it does for Belgians, Germans or Czechs. Yet, this drink is very popular among Russians, and the beer market offers numerous national brands as well as well-known international brands.
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Rock Clubs in Moscow
In recent years, there has been a decline in popularity of rock clubs in Moscow, and rock music has mostly become relegated to the tastes of older generations. Those who are fond of this style of music, however, will find a several great places in Moscow.
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Night Wolves Motorcycle Club
The home base of Russian motorcycle enthusiasts is a club known as ‘Night Wolves’. There is a motorcycle workshop, the recreation club ‘Sexton’ which features several restaurants and bars, an open-air tented venue, comfortable parking, and a street arena.
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The Moscow school of jazz music took its first steps in the Soviet era. Despite its youth, jazz in Moscow has already established its own traditions and given birth to some bright stars in the jazz industry, such as Igor Butman, or Anatoly Kroll.
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