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This is an overview of various chain restaurants that have been frequented by Muscovites for decades. These are the largest chains that encompass nearly 400 Moscow restaurants altogether, offering a full-course dinner at prices from 800 RUB to 1,500 RUB. Lunch may cost significantly less, depending on local options.
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Affordable restaurant chains are well-developed in Moscow. The number of restaurants in this category approaches 1000, and they can be easily found in any part of the city. This is where you can have a substantial meal of Russian, European or Asian cuisine at a reasonable price in a friendly interior.
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The total number of Moscow’s fast food locations listed below is over 1,200. You will see them at every turn, notably at metro entrances and on bustling streets in downtown Moscow. The average bill is indicated for a standard lunch (a big hamburger, a snack and a drink).
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Russian Cuisine Restaurants
Russian blinis, caviar, soups and pies are well-known all over the world. These dishes are Russia’s gastronomical highlights, although this list is far from being exhaustive. Russian cuisine is varied and rich in flavours, including hot spicy food.
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In Moscow, facilities for trendy youth and creative intelligentsia grow in number from year to year. All sorts of coffee shops offering Wi-Fi are particularly popular among these people looking to kick back with their computer and sip a cup of custom-made coffee.
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Russians adore Caucasian – in particular, Georgian – cuisine. In the past, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan were part of the Russian and, later, Soviet empires and many traditional dishes from these countries are familiar to Russians and are on their everyday menu.
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