Crocus City Oceanarium is located on MKAD, or the Moscow Automobile Ring Road, in North-West Moscow. This 10,000-square-meter oceanarium was opened in December 2016 inside the Crocus City Mall. This iceberg-shaped oceanarium occupies three floors.
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Rock Climbing
Over 60 indoor climbing gyms are available in the capital. Indoor climbing is gaining in popularity among sport and outdoor leisure enthusiasts in Moscow, and the number of these facilities increases every year. All indoor climbing gyms offer rental services.
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Moscow has a huge number of children’s shops to match every taste and budget. Leading international brand boutiques are located mostly in downtown Moscow, while middle-tier shops, which sell Russian-made products, can be found in shopping malls around Moscow.
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Experimentanium Science Fun Museum, located in the north of Moscow near Sokol Metro Station, is a great place for adults and kids alike. It is a very unusual museum where visitors can and are encouraged to touch, pull, twist and move everything they want!
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Moscow cats theatre
Just two facts are enough to set apart the Yuri Kuklachev Cat Theatre. First, this is the world‘s only cat theatre. Second, Yuri Kuklachev’s original idea and its implementation seem next to impossible because cats are known to be untamable.
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Grandpa Durov's Corner Theatre
Grandpa Durov’s Corner in Moscow is not a circus, but the world’s only animal theatre. This is where many children first encounter trained animals which perform in productions based on both fairy tales and original stories written for Grandpa Durov’s Corner.
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Moscow Puppet Theatre
Moscow Puppet Theatre is the oldest state puppet theatre in Moscow. Shows for kids under 12 years of age adapted from classical children’s literature form the basis of the theatre’s repertoire. However the theatre puts on some experimental performances too.
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Volshebnaya Lampa Puppet Theatre
Volshebnaya Lampa (The Magic Lamp) is a small puppet theatre in the heart of Moscow. Since the theatre management makes fostering a love for literature its primary goal, the theatre puts on performances of only the best books written by children’s authors.
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Tereza Durova Teatrium
The Teatrium in Serpukhovka is one of the most visited children’s theatres that stages musicals in Moscow, including musical performances for children aged 6 and over. The Teatrium in Serpukhovka has been conceived and created by its director Tereza Durova.
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It is the Europe’s largest aquarium located far away from the seaside. It opened in 2015 in a specially constructed building on the territory of VDNKh. Over 11 thousand sea, river and lake inhabitants from all over the world live on 12 thousand square meters.
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The Moscow Planetarium, ranking among the most modern planetariums and space museums in the world, reopened its doors in 2011 after a reconstruction. The Moscow Planetarium houses a wide variety of small museums with collections related to space and astronomy.
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Ethnomir is an ethnographic park and museum 80 km from Moscow. It is a popular holiday destination for families with kids. The concept of Ethnomir is to create a park which brings together cultures from around the world and presents them in one site.
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Izmailovo is both a large district of Moscow and a well known park. The earliest reliable data on the village located on this site dates back to the 15th century. The beauty of this protected green area rivals that of the capital’s best parks.
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Museum of Soviet arcade machines
A rather unusual place can be found in the very heart of Moscow, in Kuznetsky Most Street (Russian: ulitsa Kuznetskiy most or улица Кузнецкий мост). Although the place is referred to as museum, everyone is allowed (and welcome!) to touch and play everything. The museum exhibits arcade machines—the favourite entertainment of Soviet children.
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Moscow Water Parks
Plunge into the atmosphere of summer in one of Moscow’s water parks, which offer you a wide array of facilities for active recreation. These include water slides, wave pools and swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and bathhouses, cafes and restaurants.
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Moscow zoo
The Moscow Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe. Located in the city centre, the zoo is a favourite place for families with children and a popular tourist attraction. The zoo is home to about 1,100 species including a number of rare species of wild fauna.
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Nikulin's Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard
The Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, or Nikulin’s Circus it's the great Moscow circus. It has been functioning uninterruptedly for over a century. Russian circus art traditions are cherished here while being boldly combined with new expression means.
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Museum of Animation
There’s one place in Moscow where you can immerse yourself into the world of animation and see how cartoon stories get animated, how these drawings come alive. The Moscow Museum of Animation gives you the opportunity to discover all about this process.
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Darwin Museum
The Darwin Museum is the largest natural science museum in Moscow. The museum display centres around a rich collection of stuffed fauna specimens, occupying three floors of a vast building. In recent years, the museum has been using modern technologies.
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Natalya Sats Children’s Musical Theatre
The Natalya Sats Moscow State Academic Children’s Musical Theatre is one of the best of its kind in Moscow. For over sixty years, it has been cultivating love of art among children and introducing them to the world of classical music, opera and ballet.
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Obraztsov Puppet Theatre
Among the children's theaters in Moscow the Obraztsov Puppet Theatre is a must to visit. It is the largest puppet theatre in the world. Many of its performances have become benchmarks for spectators. While its ground floor is occupied by the Puppet Museum.
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In Moscow, there are over 30 entertainment centres intended for kids, whether they be for amusement, sport or learning. Sports parks feature rollerdromes, trampoline centres, water parks and go-carting. Most of them are located in major shopping malls.
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Children’s cultural life has always been actively supported in Moscow. Powerful traditions, rich history, and lots of talented people – these magical ingredients yield an unbelievably wide array of children’s theatres and circuses in Moscow.
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The Great Moscow State Circus located at Vernadsky Avenue is the world’s biggest stationary circus and can seat up to 3,300 people. It was opened in 1970 and immediately gained fame owing to its unique building and performers who never use safety wire.
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