Central House of Artists

Central House of Artists

The Central House of ArtistsRussian: Tsentral’ny dom khudozhnika or Центральный дом художника (CHARussian: TsDKH or ЦДХ) is one of the most popular contemporary art exhibition associations in Moscow, and indeed in all of Russia. It comprises the exhibition centre proper and the Gallery of 20th Century ArtRussian: Iskusstvo XX veka or Искусство ХХ века, which is part of the famous Tretyakov GalleryRussian: Tretyakovskaya galereya or Третьяковская галерея. The CHA exhibition facilities, some of which belong to private galleries today, offer temporary exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, design, photography, etc. Works created by artists from Russia and the former Soviet republics are amongst the most popular exhibits.

Экспозиция в ЦДХLocated within the Muzeon Park of ArtsRussian: Park iskusstv “Muzeon” or Парк искусств «Музеон», the CHA building boasts an exhibition area of 9,000 sq m and 27 rooms, as well as a movie, a concert hall and a press centre. Nearly 300 exhibitions are held every year, with an annual traffic of almost one million people. The CHA Contemporary Art ClubRussian: Klub sovremennogo iskusstva or Клуб современного искусства offers workshops led by experts in contemporary art and design on a regular basis. The centre holds movie evenings, concerts, festivals, meet-the-artist sessions, workshops, symposiums and lecture events. There are bars, a restaurant, and even a billiard room in the complex.


Галерея ОреадыThe construction of the Central House of Artists was completed in 1979 and it has been the focus of both Muscovites and tourists ever since. During the 1980s, it successfully housed exhibitions from a number of internationally renowned artists: Salvador Dali from Spain, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Yves Saint Laurent from France, Giorgio Morandi and Jannis Kounellis from Italy, Francis Bacon from the UK, Günther Uecker from Germany, Robert Rauschenbers and James Rosenquist from the USA, and many other modern artists.

Four international art salons were received by the CHA halls between 1998 and 2001, and a number of exhibitions by artists from CIS states have also been hosted here. Exhibition Moscow featuring private collections have always aroused public interest. The CHA has been one of the main centres of attraction for Russian private art collectors and sculptors as well as for artists of various degrees of popularity over the last 40 years.

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Strong ties with foreign colleagues allow the CHA to import new artworks from all over the world. This cooperation is carefully fostered and is very fluid in its nature. CHA activities contribute significantly to the evolution of international relationships in fine arts and the promotion of Russian painters.

The galleries CHA, StorkRussian: Aist or Аист, ElysiumRussian: Элизиум, Russian Avant-Garde of the 1910s–1930sRussian: Russkiy avangard 1910-1930 godov or Русский авангард 1910-1930 годов, Schatz’i, The Four SeasonsRussian: Vremena goda or Времена года, OreadsRussian: Oready or Ореады, Art UnionRussian: Art-Soyuz or Арт-Союз, and many others always arouse the interest of visitors. The diverse exhibitions at CHA will astound you with the abundance of artists featured here, the topics, displays and methods. It can be a selection of paintings by the same artist, or arts and crafts from exotic countries, or a combined exhibition of different genres like painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. Your imagination will be boggled by exhibitions of abstract or minimalist art, surprisingly neighboured by a display of vintage toys. Dozens of artists sell their paintings to fans in the embankment by the CHA building. The CHA also has a pinacotheca, which is a branch of the Tretyakov Gallery, keeping works of some famous artists of the early and mid-20th century, including Kazimir Malevich, Marc Chagall, Robert Falk, Aleksandr Deyneka, Vera Mukhina, Vladimir Favorsky, and many others.

Gallery of Irina CheveryovaIn case you have a special interest in photography, applique, Japanese kusudama, fabric painting or jewellery making, you can get a lesson from experts who can create a small masterpiece of applied art. Children are especially keen to try this sort of thing but adults will also enjoy being guided in their art by professionals.

The CHA art salon offers everything an artist may need for their work. Picturesque fairs and captivating shows are a standalone pleasure, full of souvenirs, toys, jewellery and other exciting things to explore. The CHA promises that any visitor will find something that interest them among the exhibitions and events offered, whatever their mood or state of mind might be.

Галерея Русский авангард 1910-1930 годов

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Between Garden Ring and Third Ring Road

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Park Kultury, Oktyabrskaya


10 Krymsky Val Street, Moscow


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Opening hours and ticket prices for certain events, exhibitions and festivals may vary. Please check the information on the exhibition sites or at the reception desk.

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Admission to the building of the CHA is from 20 to 50 rubles depending on visitor category and programme of visits. Tickets for certain events and exhibitions can be sold separately.
At exhibitions photo and video shooting are allowed selectively.

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The CHA website offers the opportunity to purchase tickets online. Film shows and concerts are held.


Oread Gallery
Seasons Gallery
Art-Soyuz Gallery
Stork Gallery
Schatz’i Gallery
Central House of Artists. Exhibition halls
Central House of Artists. Exhibition
Central House of Artists. Exhibition
Exhibition posters
Central House of Artists. Exhibition
On excursion at the Central House of Artists
Robert Falk
Retrospective exhibition of Jean Tinguely's works in 1990
Muzeon Park of Arts
Central House of Artists. Evgeny Margulis' concert
Günther Uecker posing in front of his works during an exhibition in 1988
Elysium Gallery
Russian Avant-Garde, 1910-1930. Gallery
Flight Gallery
Veles Gallery
Stork Gallery
Elysium Gallery
Red Art Gallery
Omar Gallery
Contrast ART Gallery
Contrast ART Gallery
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Yakimanka Collection
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Russian Avant-Garde Gallery
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Irina Cheveryova's Gallery
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Featured reviews

Visitor rating:   4.0

May 2017
I often visit the Central House of Artists, but for the first time I decided to write a review. In my opinion, the CHA is changing for the better, carrying out diverse activities for visitors of all ages and interests. I personally liked the two photo exhibitions, as well as the paintings of Gennady Maistrenko and Yuri Obukhovsky. There is always the opportunity to relax the mind and nourish yourself with beauty.

March 2017
With my wife I was at the photo exhibition “Pristine Russia” in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val. In the Central House of Artists all exhibitions are excellent! Very cozy and spacious halls, it's easy to breathe here and it's nice to perceive the wonderful works of Russian photographers! Photo exhibition “Pristine Russia” is beyond praise!

January 2017
CHA always makes a depressing impression on us. Gray dull building with an unfriendly staff. The environment inside is also gray. Plus, besides the exhibition spaces, in the CHA there are a lot of pavilions, halls and just corridors, where paintings, antiques, books, figurines, etc. are sold. Everything seems like a spontaneous market as it was in the 90s, when you are shamelessly offered to buy "works of art" triple the price... If it wasn't for an interesting exhibition, we certainly would not go there. And if you go there by car, get ready to look for a parking place (paid, of course) for a long time.

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