• Moscow offers a wealth of entertainment for kids.
  • Most fun locations are in large shopping and entertainment malls far from the city centre.
  • Kids can try their hand at different professions at Kidzania, Kidburg or the Masterslavl Craftsmen’s Town for Children.
  • Kosmik, Moscow’s biggest amusement park network, is located in 13 shopping malls.
  • Nebo, Flip&Fly, I-Jump and JumpWay are Moscow’s major trampoline parks.
  • In Moscow, you can also have a kart ride, go roller-skating or visit a water park.

In Moscow, there are over 30 entertainment centres intended for kids, whether they be for amusement, sport or learning. Sports parks feature rollerdromes, trampoline centres, water parks and go-carting. Various slot machines and simulators are available in amusement parks, while learning centres give kids the opportunity to role play and experience a moment in the life of different professionals. Most of these centres are located in major shopping malls.


img_130225_sMoscow has five children’s parks, where kids can learn through play about many different professions. In these scenarios, the child lands in a small town with a post office, a fire station, a hospital, a bank and a shop. Every ‘profession house’ is equipped with real-life tools, facilities, furniture and uniforms – the only difference is that they are child-sized. The instructor gives a short 15- to 20-minute lecture on different professions and then hands out assignments so that every child can experience what it is like to work in different professions. They can put out a fire, sort out envelopes at the post office, bake cookies in the bakery, create incredible hairdos in the hair salon and even perform on stage. Kids are rewarded for their hard work with toy money that they can spend in other pavilions or exchange for souvenirs.

Park zones are divided by age to help parents choose the appropriate one for their child. At the entrance, the child must check in and get a ‘passport’ for their town. They also receive a work record book. Parents are prohibited access img_130227_sto the ‘profession houses’. Learning about professions is available to kids aged 4-5, and kids aged 7 or above can enter the park unaccompanied. However, an adult (or a caregiver) must stay in the vicinity of the park so they can collect their child quickly if necessary. While older kids are learning about professions, toddlers under the age of 4 can have fun in the playground.

KidzaniaRussian: Кидзания (AviaparkRussian: Авиапарк Shopping Mall, 4th floor, 4, Khodynsky BoulevardRussian: Khodynskiy bulvar or Ходынский бульвар, BegovayaRussian: Беговая Metro Station), one of the largest amusement parks in Moscow, offers about 90 activities especially for children. Session tickets allow visitors to stay on the premises for four hours. The price includes participation in all activities on offer at the park, with the exception of cooking activities (confectionary, pizzeria, burgers) which are subject to additional fees.

img_130228_sThe KidburgRussian: Кидбург Park, which is located in four shopping malls in Moscow (TsDMRussian: ЦДМ, RivieraRussian: Ривьера, ZelenoparkRussian: Zelenoпарк and Belaya DachaRussian: Белая дача), is slightly smaller, but tickets are half the price of Kidzania, and there are no time limitations. Children aged 4 and above have access to many activities at Kidburg.

Another centre, the Masterslavl Craftsmen’s Town for ChildrenRussian: Detskiy gorod masterov Masterslavl or Детский город мастеров Мастерславль, is located in Moscow CityRussian: Moskva-Siti or Москва-Сити (Block 1, 4, Presnenskaya EmbankmentRussian: Presnenskaya naberezhnaya or Пресненская набережная, VystavochnayaRussian: Выставочная Station Metro). With an area of 6,500 square metres, it offers almost 80 workshops where children are able to get to know 150 professions. The park is designed for children aged 5 and above, but some activities are accessible only to children over 7 years of age. Masterslavl houses the Folk Craft CentreRussian: Tsentr narodnyh promyslov or Центр народных промыслов, where children learn how to create rag dolls, decorate window frames and paint crockery in the Gzhel stylea Russian style of ceramics which takes its name from the village of Gzhel and surrounding area – a pottery is also open to visitors. The town boasts its own historical museum and a bell-tower with real bells.

Entertainment parks and labyrinths

img_130229_sThe KosmikRussian: Космик Company owns the largest network of indoor entertainment parks consisting of 13 centres, located mostly in major shopping malls throughout Moscow. Each entertainment park features recreation zones for visitors of all ages, including a children’s centre complete with amusements, slot machines and labyrinths, a billiards table and bowling zone, laser tag and full-sized movie theatres. Labyrinths, slot machines and simulators are set up in playgrounds for children’s amusement.

Happylon Magic Park, located at the FillionRussian: Филлион Shopping Mall (FiliRussian: Фили Metro Station, 5 Bagrationovsky DrivewayRussian: Bagrationovskiy proezd or Багратионовский проезд), is one of the largest children’s entertainment parks in Moscow. With an area of over 6,500 square metres, it takes up an entire floor of the five-story shopping mall and features a playground for children under the age of 6, 14 amusements, 200 play simulators, a roller coaster ride The Dragon’s FlightRussian: Polyot drakona or Полёт дракона, and many more. Every attraction is charged to visitors separately.

Sports and entertainment parks

img_130232_sTrampoline parks are particularly popular among children. Most of them work on the come-and-jump principle whereby children may jump without the supervision of a coach (there is just one person on duty in the room), which is why unaccompanied children under the age of six are denied entrance. Before kids actually start jumping, they do a compulsory warm-up, and coaches teach them basic movements. It is also possible to sign up for additional individual or group classes. In some parks, visitors can play dodgeball, a game in which two teams throw balls at each other while jumping on the trampoline.

The NeboRussian: Небо Parks on Leningradsky and Sevastopolsky BoulevardsRussian: Leningradskiy i Sevastopolskiy prospekty or Ленинградский и Севастопольский проспекты offer visitors trampolines, rope climbing and artificial rock climbing. Some height restrictions apply. Flip&Flap Trampoline Parks are available near SemyonovskayaRussian: Семёновская Metro Station and in the town of MytishchiRussian: Мытищи. The I-Jump Centre, offering jumping under supervision of a coach, is open in South-West Moscow, and the JumpWay Trampoline Club is available in North-West Moscow. Another club with the same brand name is located in Mytishch, and the Upandfly Parks are near Ploshchad IlyitchaRussian: Площадь Ильича and ElektrozavodskayaRussian: Электрозаводская Metro Stations.

Leisure with children in Moscow – it is not only visiting the great Moscow state circus or walking in the amusement parks. There are beautiful puppet theaters, water attractions, cognitive museums and masterclasses in Moscow. You can learn more about them on our website.


img_130233_sSeveral year-round carting centres are open in Moscow. Height restrictions apply, and tickets are valid for individual rides of 10-minutes.

The Arena Play Carting is on the upper floors of the Filion Shopping Mall. Children over 120 cm tall can take rides in mini carts and participate in various activities in the Children’s ClubRussian: Detskiy klub or Детский клуб. Toddlers will enjoy the labyrinth, and children aged 5 to 12 can pay a visit to the car repair shop, where they will learn about how cars work.

Forza Carting is located in South Moscow (Block 4, 32, Volgogradsky AvenueRussian: Volgogradskiy prospekt or Волгоградский проспект). Both one- and two-seat carts are available, and parents can take their little car lover for a ride, provided the child is at least 5 years old. All children are provided with special racing uniforms and helmets. The maximum speed of children’s carts is 40 km/h. It is necessary to call the centre the day before your visit to book the time and specify the number of rides. The centre also offers laser tag games for groups.

The LeMans Company has two carting centres in West and North-West Moscow located at Block 5, 45, MolodogvardeyskayaRussian: Молодогвардейская Street and 9A, 2nd Magistralnaya StreetRussian: 2-ya Magistralnaya ulitsa or 2-я Магистральная улица.

Roller skating

img_130234_sThe Roll HallRussian: Ролл Холл on TulskayaRussian: Тульская Street is Moscow’s largest rollerdrome. You can rent roller-skates or bring your own. Tickets have no time restrictions, but roller-skate rental prices are dependent on how long you plan to use them. Free classes are offered to children over 4 years of age and to adults from October to April. Private sessions are also available.

Water parks

There are four major water parks in Moscow offering water slides, wave and swimming pools, Jacuzzis, a sauna, baths, massage rooms, cafés and restaurants. Here, you can plunge into summer all year around.


round. The Kva-Kva ParkRussian: Ква-ква парк, the biggest the water parks, is located just one kilometer from the MKADRussian: МКАД, or the Moscow Automobile Ring RoadRussian: Moskovskaya koltsevaya avtomobilnaya doroga or Московская кольцевая автомобильная дорога, in the town of Mytishchi. KaribiyaRussian: Карибия is Moscow’ newest water park built in 2015 in PerovoRussian: Перово District. The MoreonRussian: Мореон Water Park opened its doors in the YasenevoRussian: Ясенево District in 2014, and the FantasyRussian: Фэнтези Water Park, located in MaryinoRussian: Марьино, has been open since 2003. Here, children have the opportunity to play with slot machines and have a ride on the car racing track, in addition to the standard set of water attractions available in Moscow at other water parks.

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