Ekaterina Cultural Foundation

Ekaterina Cultural Foundation

Cultural Foundation «Ekaterina»Located on Kuznetsky BridgeRussian: Kuznetskiy most or Кузнецкий мост, the Ekaterina Cultural FoundationRussian: Fond kultury «Ekaterina» or Фонд культуры «Екатерина» is one of Moscow’s new cultural landmarks. Established in 2002 by Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin, it holds impressive retrospective exhibitions of leading modern Russian and international artists.

The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation is active on several fronts, including running exhibitions, a publishing programme and collecting contemporary art. The founders are primarily interested in Russian art of the second half of the 20th century. They also publish monographic albums and unique catalogues related to the exhibitions.


149_image4_sIn 2014, the Ekaterina Foundation began concentrating on the work of the younger generation of artists – those born in the 1980s – as part of an exhibition entitled The Voice of MoscowRussian: Govorit Moskva or Говорит Москва. Produced by young curator Marina Rudenko, this exhibition revealed new talents. This is not the Foundation’s first project on modern Russian art, however. In 2013 and 2014, the Foundation, in collaboration with the GarageRussian: Гараж Centre and XL Projects, produced ReconstructionRussian: Rekonstruktsiya or Реконструкция, a major two-part exhibition devoted to Moscow’s art scene in the 1990s. The two exhibition shows allowed visitors to take a new look at the 1990s as a crucial stage in Russia’s cultural development, to have a glimpse into what drove the artists of that era, and to rethink Russia’s cultural landscape.

2015 marked two major art events: Igor Vulokh. RepatriationRussian: Igor Vulokh. Repatriatsiya or Игорь Вулох. Репатриация and Department of Eagles. Andrey Filippov’s One-Man exhibitionRussian: Departament orlov. Personalnaya vystavka Andreya Filippova or Департамент орлов. Персональная выставка Андрея Филиппова. Repatriation featured forty-three of Vulokh’s early works. In 1992, these paintings left Russia to be 150_image5_sexhibited at an art show in Italy, but some legal issues and the political situation in Russia at the time prevented them from being returned to Russia. Sergei Popov, the organizer of the first Sotheby’s auction in Russia and collector of Vulokh’s art, had these paintings transferred to Germany, where they remained until recently. They were finally presented to the Russian public through the combined efforts of the Foundation of Igor Vulokh’s Artistic Heritage, of Vulokh’s stepson Yegor Altman and of the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation.

In 2008, the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation partnered with the Imperial Gardens of RussiaRussian: Imperatorskiye sady Rossii or Императорские сады России, an international open-air festival held in St. Petersburg annually. The festival takes places in the Mikhailovsky GardenRussian: Mikhaylovskiy sad or Михайловский сад and attracts thousands of visitors who attend competitive landscape gardening exhibitions to enjoy the fruits of landscape designers’ creative imagination.

On our website we have collected the most interesting Moscow events of the year. If you want to learn more about Moscow concerts, Moscow opera, ballet in Moscow or to visit the famous Moscow Crocus City Hall, you will find a lot of useful information on our webpages.


151_image6_sAn equally revelatory event, Department of Eagles was Andrey Filippov’s first one-man exhibition. Art installations central to his reputation as an artist were reconstructed for this event, covering all key themes of Filippov’s creative work. This concept proved extremely popular with both Russian and international artwork, including both professional and amateur artists.

The Foundation works closely with Moscow’s major museum institutions, such as the Pushkin State Museum of Fine ArtsRussian: GMII im. Pushkina or ГМИИ им. Пушкина, the State Tretyakov GalleryRussian: Gosudarstvennaya Tretiakovskaya galereya or Государственная Третьяковская галерея , the Garage MuseumRussian: Muzey «Garazh» or Музей «Гараж», the National Centre for Contemporary ArtRussian: Gosudarstvennyi tsentr sovremennogo iskusstva or Государственный центр современного искусства and the Moscow Multimedia Art MuseumRussian: Multimedia Art Muzey Moskvy or Мультимедиа Арт Музей Москвы (MAMM). Since 2012, the building of the Foundation has been housing some of the MAMM’s Photo BiennaleRussian: Fotobiyennale or Фотобиеннале projects, with the Foundation acting as a co-organizer for a number of these. Several exhibitions were hosted by the Foundation in 2015, including SuspenseRussian: Ozhidaniye deystviya or Ожидание действия and Insight. Scenes from Russian Art Life (1986-1992)Russian: V pole zreniya. Epizody khudozhestvennoy zhizni 1986-1992 or В поле зрения. Эпизоды художественной жизни 1986-1992, were featured as special projects at the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary ArtRussian: Moskovskaya biennale sovremennogo iskusstva or Московская биеннале современного искусства.

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From 50 to 150 rubles depending on visitor's category and programme of visits.
Photo and video shooting is included in the ticket price.

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If there are special prohibitory signs near the exhibits, photo and video shooting is not allowed.

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There is an opportunity to buy tickets on Ekaterina Cultural Foundation website.


The Sharks and Mankind. Exhibition
People Who Have Changed the Time. Exhibition
Exhibition held by the Foundation
Exhibition held by the Foundation
Exhibition held by the Foundation
Exhibition held by the Foundation
Exhibition held by the Foundation
Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Exhibit
Exhibition held by the Foundation
Staircase to the galleries
Ekaterina and Vladimir Seminikhin
Grace Kelly's Times. Exhibition
Hendrik Kerstens. Paula. Exhibition
Kosygin's Phenomenon. Exhibition
Reconstruction. Exhibition
Within Sight. Episodes of Artistic Life between 1986 and 1992. Exhibition, 2015
Reconstruction Exhibition. 2014
Ekaterina Cultural Foundation
New Academy. Saint Petersburg. Exhibition Catalogue
Face. Image. Time. Representation of Man in Art from Modernism to Our Days. Exhibition, 2009
Ekaterina Cultural Foundation
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Featured reviews

Visitor rating:   4.0

June 2016
Once we visited here an incredible exhibition of works by David Lynch himself. I liked this gallery very much, it delights me with exhibitions.

February 2016
Sometimes there are worthwhile exhibitions, but you need to monitor it yourself, there is no advertising. The sign at the entrance is barely noticeable. A passer-by will not guess that there is an exhibition hall inside. There were no visitors; I saw pictures all alone, except for security.

December 2015
One of the main meaningful galleries, a permanent site for Photobiennale and Biennale of Contemporary Art. The New Academy, Lynch, Bulatov, Tahir Salakhov were exhibited here.

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