Ekaterininsky Park

Ekaterininsky Park


  • A masterpiece of 18th- and 19th-century garden art is located a few steps from Dostoyevskaya Metro Station.
  • Enjoy an old-fashioned, charming park untouched by modernization and boasting century-old oaks and ponds where visitors can feed ducks and go for a boat ride.
  • Don’t miss a chapel inspired by 18th-century Elizabethan Baroque architecture and adjacent to a memorial site dedicated to Alexander Suvorov and decorated with bas-reliefs depicting his battles.
  • Among the nearest landmarks are the Central Museum of Armed Forces and the Russian Army Theatre.

The Ekaterininsky Park, or the Catherine ParkRussian: Ekaterininskiy park or Екатерининский парк, an outstanding achievement of 18th and 19th-century Russian garden art, is located in the vicinity of DostoyevskayaRussian: Достоевская Metro Station, at the intersection of Sovetskoy Armii StreetRussian: ulitsa Sovetskoy Armii or улица Советской Армии, Olimpiysky AvenueRussian: Olimpiyskiy prospekt or Олимпийский проспект and Suvorovskaya  SquareRussian: Suvorovskaya ploschad' or Суворовская площадь. Before the 15thcentury, this territory was marked only by a chain of ponds along the Naprudnaya streamRussian: Naprudnaya rechka or Напрудная речка. This area’s recent history starts with the transfer of the Holy Cross MonasteryRussian: Krestovozdvizhensky Monastyr’, or Крестовоздвиженский монастырь here in the 16th century, followed by the construction of the Church of St. John the WarriorRussian: Tserkov’ Ivana Voina, Церковь Ивана Воина, built in stone. In the 18th century, Count Saltykovthe first lover of Empress Catherine the Great after her arrival in Russia built here his estate in the Elizabethan Baroquecharacterized by an endless variety of decorative elements style. In 1807, the building housed the Catherine Institute for Noble MaidensRussian: Ekaterininskiy institut blagorodnyih devits or Екатерининский институт благородных девиц, and the former estate park was renamed  ‘Ekaterininsky Park’.

2_image2_s The area surrounding the park underwent a lot of changes in the 20th century. Part of the park was cut down in the 1930s to enlarge the Suvorov Square and another part of the park and both EkaterininskayaRussian: Екатерининская Streets were demolished in 1979 to open up some space for the huge Olympiysky StadiumRussian: stadion «Olimpiyskiy» or стадион «Олимпийский» and Olympiysky Avenue when Moscow was getting ready for the Olympic Games in 1980. The Ekaterininsky Park overlooks the stadium and a mosque, and its surroundings are associated with the military. as the Russian Army TheatreRussian: teatr Rossiyskoy armii or театр Российской армии and the Central Armed Forces MuseumRussian: Tsentralnyi muzey vooruzhennyih sil or Центральный музей вооруженных сил are located close by. The Armed Forces Cultural CentreRussian: Kulturnyi tsentr vooruzhennyih sil or Культурный центр вооруженных сил is now located in the building formerly home to the Catherine Institute for Noble Maidens.

The ongoing comprehensive modernization of Moscow parks has not yet affected the old Catherine Park, which still retains its former charm. It has neither modern venues nor Wi-Fi, but lilac, cherry and apple trees blossom here in spring, roses and dog roses in early summer, and asters and chrysanthemums in autumn. The ground here is thick with fallen leaves in  autumn, and you are most welcome to shuffle through them at your leisure! The park has many century-old oaks and even one 300-year-old willow, so old trees are well taken care of here.

Even if you are in a beautiful historic area or a tidy park, walking around the huge city takes up a lot of energy. For you to have a rest in the best way, on the pages of our website there is a lot of information about places to eat in Moscow (Russia).

3_image3_s The ponds are located in the very heart of the park. Rent a boat for a row in summer when the boathouse is open, or go skating in winter (however, you can’t rent skates here), and at other times of the year, just take a stroll there and feed local ducks. The Prichal CaféRussian: kafe "Prichal" or кафе "Причал" is located near the boathouse (it is closed in winter).

The Naprudnaya riverRussian: reka Naprudnaya or река Напрудная, a small tributary of the Moscow’s Neglinka riverRussian: reka Neglinnaya or река Неглинная, is at the origin of these ponds. Both the Neglinka and the Naprudnaya rivers have been put away underground and enclosed in drain pipes, but the place where they used to merge, the Samotyochnaya SquareRussian: Samotyochnaya ploschad' or Самотёчная площадь, is very easy to find: coming from the direction of the SukharyovkaRussian: Сухаревка or the KaretnyRussian: Каретный, you’ll get to the lowland where these rivers once flowed.

Back in the Middle Ages, NaprudnoeRussian: Naprudnoe or Напрудное, a village then belonging to grand princes of Russia, was located at the source of the Naprudnaya river (present-day Trifonovskaya StreetRussian: Trifonovskaya ulitsa or Трифоновская улица). The St. Tryphon’s ChurchRussian: Khram Trifona, or Храм Трифона at Naprudnoe, an amazing piece of medieval Moscow architecture built in the 15th century, has survived to this day.

В Екатерининском парке осенью The Church of Ivan the Warrior is another church that was once located in the Ekaterininsky Park before its demolition in the 1930s. A chapel inspired by the 18th-century Elizabethan Baroque style and decorated with round windows and gables was erected on the same site in 2008. Services are regularly held there. A memorial complex dedicated to the Russian military leader Alexander Suvorova Russian military leader, considered a national hero is located next to the chapel and includes a bust and a bas-relief panel depicting battles in which Suvorov participated.

The Catherine Park offers outdoor activity lovers three playgrounds, several open-air gyms, a football field with highly modern flooring and a tennis court. Unfortunately, visitors cannot rent sports equipment in the park. The football field and the tennis court are closed in winter.

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Between Garden Ring and Third Ring Road

Nearest Metro Station



27 Bolshaya Ekaterininskaya street, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Every day from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Ticket Price

The entrance to the park is free.

Visiting Rules


Additional Information

There are attractions for children.
During the warm season the summer stage is open.


A summer day in the park
Concert venue
Flowerbed and clearing
A cafe near the boating station
Ekaterinensky Park in 1966
Catherine the Great
Entrance to the park
Flowerpots in the park
An alley in the park
Alexander V. Suvorov
In the park
On the shore of a pond
Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army
St. Triphon's Church in Naprudnoye
Country estate of Count Saltykov
Direction signs in the park
Dance floor in the park
Suvorov Square
Ekaterinensky Park. Benches near the pond
Rotunda of Catherine the Great
Park Map
Ekaterinensky Park in winter
Boating station in 1939
Ekaterinensky Park. Church of St. John the Warrior and Alexander Nevsky
Great Pond of Ekaterinensky Park in summer
Sheld ducks in Ekaterinensky Park
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