How can I get to the Red Square from the airport?

How can I get to the Red Square from the airport?

This is an article from a section FAQ about how to get to the Red Square from the airport.  Read in detail about all the sights of the Moscow Kremlin in a Section Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square.

All (or most) of the roads in Moscow lead to the Red Square. Moscow’s airports are no exception.

Get to the Red Square by taxi

taxi to get to the Red Square from the airport

First option: get a taxi. You can book one by phone or through a mobile application; alternatively, you can find a taxi right at the airport. Going by taxi is the most expensive but comfortable way to get to the Moscow City Centre.

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Get to the Red Square by public transport

Second and a cheaper, but a bit more complecated option: use public transport.

Public transport from Vnukovo Airport


At Vnukovo Airport, take the bus No. 911 for Salaryevo Metro Station, then transfer to the red line and go to Okhotny Ryad Metro Station.

If you prefer a more expensive option, go from Vnukovo Airport to Kiyevskaya Metro Station by Aeroexpress, change to the blue line and go to Ploshchad Revolutsii Metro Station. Then walk a few hundred meters.


Public transport from Domodedovo Airport

Go from Domodedovo Airport to Paveletsky railway station by Aeroexpress, then make a transfer to Paveletskaya Metro Station and go to Okhotny Ryad Metro Station.

Alternatively, you can go by bus or minibus from Domodedovo to Domodedovskaya Metro Station and then to Teatralnaya Metro Station.

Public transport from Sheremetyevo Airport

shuttle bus to get from the airport

You can also take a regular or shuttle bus from Sheremetyevo Airport to Rechnoy Vokzal or Voykovskaya Metro Stations. Okhotny Ryad Metro Station is less than a 30-minute drive from there.

Shuttle busses also run from Sheremetyevo to Shodnenskaya and Planernaya Metro Stations. Going by metro is a quick way to get to Red Square, but be ready to change from Pushkinskaya to Tverskaya Metro Stations.

Aeroexpress will take you to Belorussky railway station. Then go by metro from Belorusskaya Metro Station to Teatralnaya Metro Station.

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How can I get to the Red Square by car

how to get to the Red Square by car

When driving around Moscow, keep in mind that finding a parking spot near Red Square is very difficult. Very few parking spaces are available inside the Garden Ring and, what’s more, you have to pay for parking.

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