How to get to the skating rink on Red Square?

How to get to the skating rink on Red Square?

This is an article from a section FAQ about how to get to the skating rink on Red Square.  Read in detail about all the sights of the Moscow Kremlin in a Section Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square.  

Каток красная площадь

One of the world’s top 5 skating rinks opens on Red Square in winter.

The skating rink is open to the public daily from 10 am to 11:30 pm, but no more than 450 people are allowed at a time. The skiing time is limited to 60 minutes, followed by a 30-minute service break.

The rink also hosts hockey and curling competitions, during which public skating is not available.


Getting entrance tickets is usually not a problem, but keep in mind that the skating rink tends to be overcrowded on weekends and New Year holidays.

Как попасть на каток на Красной площадиWeekday tickets: 400 RUB. Weekend tickets: 500 RUB. Admission is free for children under 7. Seniors and families get discounted admission tickets.

On New Year’s Eve, ticket prices go up and early booking is advisable.


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