What to see in the Moscow Kremlin

What to see in the Moscow Kremlin

This is an article from a section FAQ about what to see in the Moscow Kremlin.  Read in detail about all the sights of the Moscow Kremlin in a Section Moscow Kremlin and the Red Square.  

The Moscow Kremlin, located in the heart of Russia’s capital, covers an area of 27 hectares, mostly open to visitors..

Cathedral (Sobornaya) Square of the Moscow Kremlin

Что смотреть в кремле - соборная площадь

Cathedral (Sobornaya) Square is the historical and architectural centre of the Moscow Kremlin, famous for its churches and cathedrals, now converted to Russian art museums.

Outstanding foundry masterpieces, the Tsar Cannon and the Tsar Bell, are on display here.

Visit an exhibition on 17th-century Russian culture on view at the Patriarch’s Palace.

Armoury Chamber and Diamond Fund

Алмазный фонд московского кремля

When touring the Moscow Kremlin, pay a visit to the Armoury Chamber that boasts Russian royal treasures, including Monomakh’s Cap, royal regalia and more.


The Armoury building also hosts the Diamond Fund of Russia, which features the Imperial Crown of Russia made for Catherine the Great and a wide array of other gems and jewels. Mind that the Diamond Fund requires a separate admission ticket.

Grand Kremlin Palace

Большой Кремлевскй дворец

To see the Grand Kremlin Palace, make sure you have a personal invitation from the Russian President or sign up in advance for a private tour. Be ready to provide your passport details.

Another of the Moscow Kremlin’s highlights is the State Kremlin Palace, one of Russia’s best concert venues. Tickets are available for purchase at the local ticket office or online.

View from Borovitsky Hill


The Moscow Kremlin is located on top of the Borovitsky Hill, one of Moscow’s best vantage points for a panoramic view of the Moskva River and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Tourists and unauthorized persons have no access to the presidential and administrative buildings

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