Are there any special performances in Moscow?

Are there any special performances in Moscow?

This is an article from a section FAQ about Moscow musicals and concert halls. Read in detail about Moscow musical theatres in the Moscow musical section  and about Moscow concert halls at the Concert halls section.

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In addition to operas, ballets and theatrical performances for kids and adults, Moscow offers you the opportunity to enjoy folk music and dance shows.


The Russian Song Theatre is predictably the most popular and visited folk music and dance theatre in Moscow. Its very name speaks for itself. This theatre was founded by the popular Russian folk singer Nadezhda Babkina and its repertoire features musical and dance performances representative of different music styles around the globe. Performances are given on two different sized stages. This theatre often puts on traditional concerts associated with popular national holidays that used to be celebrated back in ancient Russia.

Other Moscow theatres also offer folk song and dance performances. Check for them in the relevant section of this website.

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