How to buy ballet tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre?

How to buy ballet tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre?

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Pre-sale service

Bolshoi Theatre tickets are selling very quickly despite their price. If you want to be among the first to get a ticket to a popular performance, you can use the pre-sale service that starts online three months before the date of the performance and is passport-based (meaning one buyer can get no more than two tickets). The pre-sale schedule is available on the Bolshoi Theatre’s official website.

Buy e-ticket on the Bolshoi Theatre’s website

Overall, the Bolshoi Theatre has made sure that all those who want to buy ballet tickets can do so in any convenient way. Buying a Bolshoi Theatre ticket can be done in one of the following ways: at the box office, on the Theatre’s official website, ticket order by phone and, finally, ticket sale via various websites or by official distributors.

The most convenient way is, naturally, to buy a ticket on the Theatre’s website as you can get a ballet ticket well in advance and avoid being worried that there will be no tickets left at the box office by the time you get to the theatre. You can buy an e-ticket on the Bolshoi Theatre’s website and pay it instantly with your debit card. Optionally, you can order a ticket through the Theatre’s Information Centre by phone, namely, book a seat for a specific performance and then come at the appointed time to the Theatre and purchase your ticket.

Bolshoi Theatre’s official ticket distributors

Unfortunately, you risk getting a fake ticket if you buy tickets from unknown dealers. The list of the Bolshoi Theatre’s official ticket distributors is available at the Theatre’s official website. You risk being cheated if you buy your tickets elsewhere.

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