How to buy opera tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre?

How to buy opera tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre?

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The Bolshoi theatre – is arguably the best-known Russian opera theatre. Its exceptional worldwide reputation also has some downsides, namely, high demand for key performances and some difficulties when buying tickets.

Buying Opera tickets at theatre’s box office

You can get a ticket at the Theatre’s box office right before the show starts. The main problem remains the long queue – all tickets might be sold out while you are still waiting in the queue and, what’s more, most best places are booked online well in advance.

Buying Opera tickets on website of Bolshoi Theatre

You can use your debit card to pay for your electronic opera ticket on the official website of the Bolshoi Theatre . Bolshoi Theatre opera tickets are in high demand, the more so if the performance is put on the Theatre’s historical Main Stage. So you can take advantage of preliminary ticket sales starting on the Theatre’s website three months before the date of the performance. Be ready to provide your passport details when buying your ticket in advance and remember that one person can buy no more than two tickets at a time. Preliminary ticket sale schedules are also available on the Bolshoi Theatre’s official website.

Buying Opera tickets from official distributors

You can also buy opera tickets to the Bolshoi Theatre from an official distributor. Their list is available on the Theatre’s website:

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