What ballet performances are worth seeing at the Bolshoi Theatre?

What ballet performances are worth seeing at the Bolshoi Theatre?

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Are you planning to visit the Bolshoi Theatre and to see a ballet performance, but you cannot choose anything specific from a wide variety of options? We would like to bring the following great shows to your attention.

Swan Lake Ballet

Swan_Lake moscow BalletThe highlight of the Bolshoi Theatre’s repertoire is Swan Lake, a legendary ballet composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and long recognized as the best Russian ballet. The Bolshoi Theatre puts on this performance in Yuri Grigorovich’s world-famous, outstanding version.

Spartacus Ballet

Spartacus, a ballet composed by Aram Khachaturian and premiered in 1968, has been dazzling the audiences for half a century with its sumptuous costumes and expressive dancing, taking spectators back to the time of Ancient Rome and telling them the tale of the heroic liberator and those who followed him. Spartacus can be said to be one of the most spectacular projects in the history of theatre.

Don Quixote Ballet

Don Quixote entered the Bolshoi Theatre’s repertoire as late as 2016. Its premiere was a huge success: both spectators and ballet connoisseurs appreciated the inimitable contribution by artists, the vivid and stupendous stage sets and a vast array of awe-inspiring choreographic works.

These three ballets are just part of the Bolshoi Theatre’s ballet repertoire. They are the ‘no-regret’ classic performances, but other shows staged at the Bolshoi Theatre are equal to them in terms of visual appeal and beauty.


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