What is Moscow opera famous for?

What is Moscow opera famous for?

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Moscow has always been a cultural centre. It is no surprise that many famous opera singers started here on their road to success, including Fyodor Chaliapin, Alexander Baturin, Georgy Baklanov, Galina Vishnevskay, Dmitry Khvorostovsky and Anna Netrebko.

Moscow spares no expense on art and is truly prodigal when it comes to opera and ballet. Some hundred years ago, the Bolshoi Theatre and S. Mamontov Theatre used to invite the best Italian conductors to its productions, and stage sets and costumes were designed by outstanding Russian artists such as Viktor Vasnetsov, Vasily Polenov, Mikhail Vrubel, Konstantin Korovin, Valentin Serov and Isaac Levitan.

Today, Moscow opera singers are known worldwide. No matter where the Bolshoi Theatre’s company goes on tour, to Broadway in New York or the Palais Garnier in Paris, tickets are sold out long before the performances start. So don’t miss visiting one of the local opera theatres if you happen to be in Moscow and have a night off. And, of course, the best-known theatre putting on opera productions in Moscow is the Bolshoi Theatre, whose significance for Russia is hard to overestimate.

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