What is Russian ballet famous for?

What is Russian ballet famous for?

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Moscow offers many opportunities to see a wide variety of theatrical performances, including classical and innovative ballet shows. Moscow’s major ballet venues are located in the city centre.

Ballet in Russia is like religion

In Russia, ballet is not only an art, but also a one-of-a-kind ‘religion’, no kidding! Russia’s first ballet school dates back to 1738, a time when the foundations were laid for the Russian ballet traditions centered around flawless techniques as well as the virtuosity and the scope of theatre performances.

Originally from France, ballet is considered to be so demanding towards the performer that it is particularly well suited to the specific nature of the Russian national character. As early as 19th century, Russian ballet was famous internationally for its vibrant productions, the incredible skill of dancers and, of course, the inimitable spiritual side to dancing. European and American ballet historians regard Diaghilev’s ‘Russian Seasons’, which are over a century old, as one of the most considerable early 20th-century cultural events.

Outstanding Russian ballet dancers and directors such as Maia Plisetskaya, Anna Pavlova, Galina Ulanova, Yuri Grigorovich, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolv Nureyev and Maris Liepa made a significant contribution to the world’s culture.

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