Where to see ballet in Moscow?

Where to see ballet in Moscow?

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Moscow offers many opportunities to see a wide variety of theatrical performances, including classical and innovative ballet shows. Moscow’s major ballet venues are located in the city centre.

Ballet in the Bolshoi Theatre

Bolshoi_balet Moscow

First and foremost, ballet lovers coming to Moscow should pay a visit to the Bolshoi Theatre, probably Russia’s best-known theatre trademark and the epitome of Russian culture. Founded back in 1776, it is one of Russia’s oldest theatres. The Bolshoi Theatre’s performances, rightly viewed as the quintessence of Russian ballet, have made thousands of world tours. Only the best dancers become part of the Bolshoi Theatre’s company, and the vibrant costumes and stages sets of its theatrical performances put on the recently upgraded stage are beyond imagination.

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Ballet in the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre

Ballet in Moscow

Moscow’s second most important ballet theatre is the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Musical Theatre. What makes it different from the Bolshoi Theatre are the more attractive ticket prices and a tendency towards experimentation and more contemporary productions.

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Kremlin Ballet Theatre

Equally popular is the Kremlin Ballet Theatre, located in the Moscow Kremlin’s State Kremlin Palace. The repertoire of this quite affordable theatre comprises both performances staged by great producers of the past and ballets choreographed by outstanding contemporary dance-masters.

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Ballet Moscow

Besides these ballet theatres, Moscow has a number of theatre companies that have no venue of their own, which does not stop them from putting on dazzling performances on various Moscow stages. One of them is a recent yet successful classical dance company, the Classical Russian Ballet, founded in 2004. One of Russia’s most brilliant choreographic companies worth mentioning is the Moscow Ballet, whose performances combine both academic and contemporary dancing. Its repertoire includes personal works by Russian and international choreographers, specially designed for the Moscow Ballet dancers.

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