• Moscow Circus on Vernadsky Avenue is the world’s largest stationary circus, seating up to 3,300 people.
  • The Circus is managed by Russian animal tamers, the Zapashny brothers, famous for their dangerous tricks involving wild animals.
  • The Circus features five quickly changing arenas, including the equestrian, ice and aquatic ones.
  • Shows focus primarily on tamed animal acts, elaborate acrobatics and modern sound and light technologies.
  • The Circus is located next to Universitet Metro Station, so it would be a great idea to combine a visit to the Circus with a stroll through the territory of the Moscow State University.
  • All circus shows are in Russian.

The Great Moscow State Circus located at Vernadsky AvenueRussian: Moskovskiy tsirk na prospekte Vernadskogo or Московский цирк на проспекте Вернадского is the world’s largest stationary circus, seating up to 3,300 people. It was opened in 1970 and immediately gained fame owing to its unique building and performers who never use safety wires. Today, the circus is directed by legendary animal tamers, the Zapashny brothers, whose shows have entered the Guinness World Records as involving the most dangerous tricks involving wild animals. Their performances have a distinctive style, with its dynamic modern music, intricate sets and costumes and an incredible number of performers, including acrobats, clowns, jugglers, trapeze artists and many more.

2044_image2_sThe circus features glass walls, an impressive dome and five rapidly swapping arenas (equestrian, ice rink and water, among others), all of which enables performers to put into effect the most incredible ideas and concepts. The circus features all kinds of performance acts, such as acrobatics, aerial gymnastics, clowning, juggling, athletics, wild animal taming, tricks and even synchronized swimming. Only here will you see a particularly risky trick involving Askold Zapashny. He rides, without any safety gear, on the back of a lion as this formidable wild cat jumps from a two-meter-high wheel to another over a distance of almost three meters. Another admirable trick bears the title ‘Horse-Riding Acrobats’: three acrobats stand one on top of another on the backs of two cantering horses. Depending on the show, you will also see hippopotamuses, parrots, bears, monkeys, tigers – the list goes on. Many circus performers have won prestigious international awards, and professional script writers, directors, choreographers, artists and musicians contribute to the staging of every show making each show an entertaining story.

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The circus at Vernadsky Avenue opened its doors in 1970. Architects and engineers who worked on the project design took into consideration the complex internal organization of the circus and created a building convenient for both spectators and performers. The circus comprises two arenas; one is used for rehearsals and another for performances. The spectator area has a 23-row amphitheatric layout, with an arena visible from anywhere in the auditorium. There is a bar where you can have a bite to eat during the intermission. Try a sandwich, some cotton candy, donuts or a beverage, but keep in mind that you’ll probably have to wait in a long line. Get your picture taken with an animal or buy toys and souvenirs before the show starts or during the intermission.

2045_image3_sThe circus at Vernadsky Avenue is very conveniently located just a few-minutes walk from Universitet Metro StationRussian: stantsiya metro Universitet ot станция метро Университет. Pay a visit to the nearby Natalya Sats Musical TheatreRussian: Detskiy muzyikalnyi teatr im. N. Sats or Детский музыкальный театр им. Н. Сац specializing in music productions for children or stroll around the Moscow State UniversityRussian: Moskovskiy gosudarstvennyi universitet or Московский государственный университет and have a look at its Main Building, one of Stalin’s high-risesRussian: Stalinskie vysotki or Сталинские высотки . Sparrow HillsRussian: Vorobevy gory or Воробьевы горы are right behind the Moscow State University featuring an observation platform, a park and a pedestrian esplanade.

The renowned lion and tiger tamers the Zapashny brothers have been directing the circus since 2012, Edgard in the capacity of manager and Askold as an artistic director. Performances focus mainly on tamed animal acts, elaborate acrobatics and modern sound and light technologies. Askold and Edgard come from a long line of famous circus performers. The brothers’ grandfather, Mikhail, dedicated his life to the circus, performing mainly as an acrobat. Mikhail’s son Valter followed in his father’s footsteps, also working with wild animals. Today, his sons Askold and Edgard successfully continue in the same line of work.

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Between Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road

Nearest Metro Station



7 Vernadsky Avenue, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

According to the schedule of performances (see website)
The ticket office is open daily from 10.30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Days off


Ticket Price

From 600 to 4000 rubles.
Photo and video filming without the administration's permission is prohibited.

Visiting Rules

The audience is not allowed to go backstage and to go outside when the performance begins.

Additional Information

Children under three years old are admitted at one ticket with an adult.

When visiting a circus with young children it is better not to buy tickets on the front rows, because a child may be frightened by predators in the arena.



Hippo Show
Moscow State Circus. Arena
Zapashny Brothers with a tiger
Moscow State Circus. Auditorium
Performing with a carnivore
Acrobatic feats
Full house at the Moscow State Circus. Photo:

Featured reviews

Visitor rating:   4.5

November 2016
I have not seen circus acts with horses for a long time. The act with jockeys on horses is excellent.
To describe briefly, what I saw, there were a Doberman parade, Zapashny's flight on a lion, flights under a big top with a somersault and funny clowns. The children especially liked them. My visit to the circus turned out to be a visit on the symbiosis of genres - a light-laser-musical show.

December 2016
We are delighted with show, artists, costumes and light special effects! Acrobats and gymnasts kept the audience in suspense, and clowns made us laugh to tears. As always animals are wonderful! Arriving in Moscow, you should definitely visit this circus!

December 2016
Every performance in this circus is of the highest level, and even 20 years ago their performances aroused great delight! There is a quality of sound, light, scenery; there are professional productions and lots of animals. It is interesting both for adults and children. And it's a wide range of ticket prices, which is very important!

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