Kart Racing

Kart Racing

Karting is an exciting motorsport with small, open racing cars called karts, or go-karts. The rapid development and relative accessibility of kart rentals allow everyone – even kids – to try his or her hand at racing. Karts have no gearbox, so no driver’s license is required to drive this small racing vehicle. A standard kart for rent has an engine of up to 9 hp, speeds of up to 60 km/h and features full perimetre protection. This avoids serious accidents, while allowing the driver to feel the dynamics of real car racing.

Moscow boasts numerous kart rental facilities. Specially equipped tracks, or circuits, are either indoor and open-air. Indoor circuits are more suitable for beginner racers: they are safer, the track is not exposed to the elements and does not risk losing adhesion with the ground. The premises also usually have cafés and comfortable changing rooms.

One session usually lasts 10 minutes. Prices for one adult driver range from 500 to 1,500 RUB in Moscow, depending on the model and power of the kart, the day of the week and even the time of the day (prices are highest on Friday nights and on weekends). Prices are significantly lower for kids, since the little ones are allowed to drive only low-powered vehicles. Indoor circuits are usually open until midnight or later; open-air circuits operating in summer close at 11:00 pm.

Driving a kart is simply a matter of using the steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedals. The pedals are not to be pressed simultaneously, as this may result in an overheated engine. Before you actually get into the kart, you will be given full instructions on driving and safety rules.

Arena Play

Arena Play (5, 19, Bagrationovsky DrivewayRussian: Bagrationovskiy proezd or Багратионовский проезд, parking level) is an indoor karting facility located in the FilionRussian: Филион Shopping Centre near FiliRussian: Фили Metro Station. You can combine karting with shopping or a visit to the cinema. Arena Play features a two-level karting circuit with special lighting effects, a small restaurant and a separate playground for kids. Two types of RIMO karts are available for adults and kids.

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Arena GP

Arena GP (Block, 1, 19 Bumazhny DrivewayRussian: Bumazhnyi proezd or Бумажный проезд, 4th floor) is an indoor karting area located not far from the city centre in an industrial district. The circuit was designed by Claus Fritzinger, a renowned karting circuit maker and designer of 150 karting tracks around the world, including the karting halls of Michael and Ralf Schumacker. The total length of the track is 510 metres, consisting of an ideally smooth concrete surface, complete with a wide range of high-speed and slow curves, as well as complicated and direct links from one part of the track to another. Here you can try carting using Rimo and Sodi karts and have a bite at the restaurant.

Silver rain Izmaylovo

Silver RainRussian: Serebryanyi dozhd' or Серебряный дождь IzmaylovoRussian: Измайлово (8, 1st Izmailovskogo Zverintsa StRussian: 1-aya ulitsa Izmaylovskogo zverintsa or 1-ая улица Измайловского зверинца, 5th floor) is yet another indoor karting facility. It has a 920-metre-long karting track, the longest in Moscow. Various kinds of karts are specifically designed for kids, adults and people with disabilities. The facility also has a sportsbar and an equipment store. Kids are not allowed to use the circuit after 8:00 pm.

Forza on Volgogradka

Forza (Block 4, 32, Volgogradsky AvenueRussian: Volgogradskiy prospekt or Волгоградский проспект) is a 600-metre-long indoor circuit with no columns whatsoever, which makes it as wide and safe as possible. In addition to long straight sections, high-speed and gentle curves, chicanes and U-turns, the Forza circuit features a 32-metre-long and 6-metre-wide overpass with a passage under it making the circuit’s layout quite exciting. Two-seat karts are also available here.

Open-air karting circuits

The advantage of an open-air karting circuit is that you get the feeling of being a real Formula One driver. Outdoor race tracks are usually longer than indoor ones, and you can reach the kart’s maximum speed on the circuit’s long, straight sections, while experiencing how it feels when “tears of admiration roll down your cheeks horizontally towards your ears while you are speeding up”, as Walter Röhrl put it.

Pilot Karting CircuitRussian: Kartodrom «Pilot» or Картодром «Пилот» (52, Shokalskogo DrivewayRussian: proezd Shokalskogo or проезд Шокальского) is Moscow’s biggest open-air karting circuit. Its 968-metre-long racetrack is full of exciting turns. Adults and kids alike use it, and the Pilot Club is a meet up point for Moscow racers. Here you can have a snack at the bar, take part in competitions and sign your child up for karting lessons.

Dixxodrom Karting CircuitRussian: Kartodrom Dixxodrom or Картодром Dixxодром (Block 3, 73, Izmaylovskoye HighwayRussian: Izmaylovskoe shosse or Измайловское шоссеis a small open-air karting facility in the north-east of Moscow.

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