This cozy 16.5-hectare park is a historic and cultural landmark with all the essentials needed for outdoor activities. It is located in a business district between the Moscow International Business CentreRussian: Moskovskiy mezhdunarodnyi delovoy tsentr «Moskva-Siti» or Московский международный деловой центр «Москва-Сити» (MIBCRussian: MMDTs or ММДЦ) and the World Trade CentreRussian: Tsentr Mezhdunarodnoy torgovli or Центр Международной торговли. The park’s proximity to upscale business centres and residential neighbourhoods accounts for the fact that there is a good selection of excellent restaurants in the vicinity. Krasnaya PresnyaRussian: Красная Пресня stands out among other Moscow parks due to the variety of activities it offers to visitors. The park regularly hosts all kinds of open-air festivals and classes. Almost half of the visitors to this park are children as there are numerous activities for them including a skate park (in summer) and an ice rink (in winter).

Krasnaya Presnya Park has been open since 1932. Its name echoes the district’s history; it is derived from the PresnyaRussian: Пресня River that ran here until 1908 before it was redirected to an underground duct. The word ‘Krasnaya’ (red) is a reference to the Russian Revolution of 1905a wave of mass political and social unrest that spread through vast areas of the Russian Empire. The epicentre was formed by the barricades put up by revolutionaries along the perimeter of this very district.

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The park was laid out on the territory of an old manor dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The manor had been built on the bank of the StudenetsRussian: Студенец River, near its confluence with the Moskva RiverRussian: Moskva-reka or Москва-река. Its owners included the Princes Gagarin and Zakrevsky, the Governor-General of Moscow. The renowned architect Ghilardi contributed greatly to the park’s layout. The picturesque Holland pondsRussian: gollandskie prudy or голландские пруды – the only ponds of their kind in Moscow – that determined the park’s design and the direction of its alleys still exist. The Octagon PavilionRussian: pavilon «Oktagon» or павильон «Октагон» still exists as well, although it has been transferred to a new location. Other legacies of the past include the fragments of a Tuscan column and an alley lined with lime trees.

Today, this park is highly popular with local residents and people working in nearby offices. It will take you about an hour to walk around it, but it is the sort of place where it’s best to take a leisurely stroll and a sit down under the trees on a bench in some secluded corner. The park is an ideal place for both romantic dates and recreation for families with kids. Sweethearts tend to congregate on bridges over the streams and parents with prams enjoy a well-equipped and fenced playground, merry-go-rounds and other children’s entertainment. There is also a skating zone that transforms into a rink in winter. Film screenings, concerts, dance and fitness classes take place on the stage in summertime. Among other services offered to visitors are a football field, sports training rooms, table tennis, a chess club, skate and bicycle lanes, sports equipment and bike rentals. The park also features several stands selling fast food, coffee and desserts (opening hours: 9:00am to 9:00pm).


Krasnaya Presnya stands out among other Moscow parks for the variety of activities offered to its visitors. The park regularly hosts all kinds of open-air festivals and classes, concerts, Meet-the-Artist events and fairs. The park administration organizes memorable events attracting thousands of visitors to celebrate major Russian holidays, be it the New Year’s Eve, Victory Day or Unity Day4 November. The park also has a modern flavour, hosting such festivals as Geek Picnic, Foodiez of Moscow, the Food Truck FestivalRussian: Festival fudtrakov or Фестиваль фудтраков, Park of ArtsRussian: Park iskusstv or Парк искусств and many more.

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Between Garden Ring and Third Ring Road

Nearest Metro Station

Vistavochnaya, Delovoy Tsentr, Mejdunarodnaya


5 Mantulinskaya Street, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Daily from 9 am until 10 pm.

Days off


Ticket Price

Admission is free of charge.

Visiting Rules


Additional Information

There are children's playgrounds and sports grounds in the park. City festivals and concerts are held in the park.


Octagon Pavilion today
Relaxing outdoors
Bridge in the park
Park Map
Domenico Gilardi
Krasnaya Presnya Park. Main stage
Entrance to the park. 1950-1960
Park in the summer
Arseniy Andreyevich Zakrevsky
Alley in the park
A light show in the Krasnaya Presnya Park
Park in winter
Front gate reconstructed in 1998
Food Truck Festival
Geek Picnic. 2015
Geek Picnic. 2015
Krasnaya Presnya Park. A flowerbed in the central alley
Monument to Lenin
Skating facility
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