Krylatskoye Velodrome

Krylatskoye Velodrome

230_image1_sConstructed to host the cycling events during the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, the Krylatskoye Cycling Track in the west of Moscow boasts many cycling records that were established there. Today, anyone can feel what it means to be an Olympic athlete and take part in various sports, including tennis and squash.

This ellipse-shaped cycling track features elevated sides reminiscent of wings, hence its nickname ‘Butterfly’. Professional athletes cycling on these tracks do experience the sensation of flying like a bird. Just imagine speeding up to 100 km/h here! The track is 333.3-meter long and 10-meter wide. Straight sections and curves have 11-degree and 42-degree slopes respectively, and the surface is just awesome. And so these combine to make competitions extremely spectacular and fast.

The cycling track hosts various competitions and, interestingly, entrance to many championships is free of charge. The synthetic surface inside the track circuit is ideal for all kinds of sporting events, including tennis, racketlon, modern pentathlon, track and field and more.

High quality Track

231_image2_sBest Soviet designers worked on the cycling track in Krylatskoye. The track surface has not much changed after the completion of work, the only innovation being the modern infrastructure for the convenience of spectators and sport fans. The designers and workers had done a great job and the cycling track was one of the world’s fastest circuits of its time boasting the solid and decay-proof surface made of Siberian larch, which was an ideal choice for this kind of structures. Only smooth and even trunks with no knots or splinters were used for construction, and only one trunk out of ten had selected for construction.

The cycling circuit has two stands seating over 5,000 and located parallel to the track’s straight sections. The stands are also unique in a way, because spectators can see the entire competition, no matter where they are seated.

Be it European or world championships, these walls witnessed a great many victories and defeats. Don’t miss a chance to come here and get into the Olympic spirit. Hundreds of Europeans and world records were set here, and 13 of them were established during the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Today as in the past, cycling clubs keep training prospective cycling champions.

Amateurs welcome

232_image3_sIf you are a professional athlete trained on cycling tracks and you have athletic apparel and a track bicycle, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Krylatskoye track! Additionally, you can rent a standard bike and have a ride around the sport center. In this green area of Moscow, the streets and the local park’s bike lanes are an ideal place for an easy bike ride.

The cycling track is open to both professional and amateur cyclists, and, interestingly, not only users of two-wheeled vehicles can attend a training session here. The sport center accommodates a Squash Club with a total area of 660 sq. m. One of the squash courts is a doubles one. Changing and shower rooms as well as lounges are available to visitors to make their stay here as comfortable as possible. All the necessary equipment can be rented on the spot. The same facilities are available on tennis courts here.

Martial arts and track-and-field training takes place inside. The modern fitness center infrastructure is in line with the layout of the building constructed back in 1979, providing you with an excellent opportunity to have a great time in a historic setting. Hit the machines, go to a sauna and relax in a bar! The sport center offers both subscriptions and one-time sports sessions.

Environment-friendly venue

233_image4_sThe sports complex is located in an ecologically clean area of Moscow where you can get a breath of fresh air. An open-air cycling circuit runs up near the cycling track in the park on Krylatskiye Hills. More local sports facilities are available on Grebnoy Canal, a few steps from the cycling track. This 2.3-kilometer-long and 75-to-125-meter-wide sporting venue is one of the world’s best. If you are lucky enough to attend a competition, you can enjoy it from user-friendly covered stands. What is special about this venue is its canal, making it unnecessary to interrupt the competition while athletes are returning to the starting area.

On the grounds of this sporting venue there is even a hotel boasting beautiful views of Moscow and the Krylatskiye Hills Landscape Park.

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Between Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road

Nearest Metro Station

Krylatskoe, Molodezhnaya, Kuntsevskaya


Moscow, Krylatskaya street, 10


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Every day from 8.00 to 22.00

Ticket Price

From 200 rubles per hour.

Visiting Rules


Additional Information

Services for sports are provided.


Training in Krylatskoe
Hotel in Krylatskoye
In training
Entrance to the territory of the cycle track Krylatskoe
In the cycle track
The tribunes of the track are designed for almost 5 thousand spectators
View of the cycling track from a bird's eye view
Trekking in winter
Cycling Track Racing
Construction of a cycle track. Retro photo
Cycling competition
Track in Krylatskoe, 1980.

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