Megasport Sport Palace

Megasport Sport Palace


  • Megasport Ice Palace is Moscow’s main hockey stadium often hosting games by the Russian ice-hockey team.
  • The stadium seats up to 14,000 and 12,000 spectators attending concerts and sporting events respectively.
  • The building has many food facilities: eight snack bars in the foyer, dozens of snack and drink selling machines and three restaurants.
  • The Palace offers 750 open-air car parking lots. The entire territory of the Palace is equipped with wheelchair ramps.
  • The Ice Palace also features a 150-seat conference hall equipped with a three-language simultaneous interpreting system.
  • The Palace hosted the World Cup and the European Boxing Championship, the World Figure Skating Championship and the European Curling Championship.

Megasport Ice Sport Palace (Russian: Dvorets sporta “Megasport” or Дворец спорта «Мегаспорт»), constructed in 2006, is located in the north-west of Moscow, close to Khodynka Field Park (park “Khodynskoye pole” or парк «Ходынское поле»). This is the oldest hockey stadium in Moscow, which often hosts games of Russia’s national hockey team. The space is also perfectly suitable for competitions in figure skating and various ice shows and musical performances. The CSKA (Russian: ЦСКА) metro station of the Third Interchange Contour (Large Circle Line) of the Moscow Metro was opened near the Palace in 2018. The stadium’s full capacity is 14,000 for concerts and 12,000 for sports events. Thanks to the unusual shape of the arena, only 10 percent of the seats are side-view.


The Megasport Palace was designed by architect Andrey Bokov. The construction was launched in November 2005, and the inauguration that followed as soon as in December 2006 was dedicated to the Euro Hockey Tour. The Megasport building is painted in the colours of Russia’s national flag, and its screw-like shape resembles a propeller. The palace covers the total area of 57,500 sq m, with a 30×60 m ice arena in the very centre. Arena ceiling reaches 38 metres in height. A centre-hung video board with four 4×5 m displays is topped with a 1.5 m high panoramic display. The lighting system has about a dozen of different modes.


The Megasport Palace has a medical centre of its own, which includes two emergency rooms, a doping control room, a physiotherapy room, and massage rooms. The centre also provides permanent sanitary control of the Palace.

There are a number of dining points in the building: eight snack bars in the lobby, dozens of vending machines, and three restaurants. One is on the first floor, designed to seat 100, and two more, each with a capacity of 150 and an exciting view of the arena, can be found on the fifth floor. An open-air car parking for 750 vehicles is available close to the Palace. The whole territory is equipped with wheelchair ramps, enabling physically challenged visitors to make use of the whole range of Megasport services.

The Ice Palace has a 150-seat conference hall with a three-language simultaneous interpreting system. In addition, it has a press room, a special press bar, and a mixed zone for interviewing. VIP areas and lounges for guests of honour are available on the third floor.


Originally, Megasport was conceived as a hockey stadium, but it was designed from the very beginning to have an easily convertible arena so that the Palace could be used for all sorts of events. Despite the short history of the Ice Palace, it has already held a great deal of crucial sports events, such as the first season of the Channel One Cup in 2006 and the 2007 IIHF World Championship. Since then, the Palace has hosted Boxing World Cups, European Amateur Boxing Championships, World Figure Skating Championships, and European Curling Championships. A short time ago, it hosted the 2018 European Figure Skating Championships.

The Ice Palace is used as a concert venue on a regular basis. For example, Scorpions, Roxette, Massive Attack, and Ozzy Osbourne had huge performances there in 2010. Megasport also holds ice shows regularly, such as Tatiana Navka’s successful project Ruslan and Ludmila, which involved world-class figure skaters.

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Between Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road

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Polezhaevskaya, Dynamo


Moscow, Khodynsky Boulevard, Building 3


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Lodges on the 3rd floor
Ice show Ruslan and Lyudmila
The Ice Arena of the Megasport
Layout of the sectors of the Megasport
Construction of the park in the Khodynka field
Demonstration performances of the 2018 World Figure Skating Championships

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