Modern Art and Photography Galleries

Modern Art and Photography Galleries
Moscow has over a hundred modern art galleries. Funded by sponsors and private funds, many modern art museums have become Moscow’s top exhibition venues over the past decade, including the Garage Museum, the Vinzavod Cultural Centre and the Institute of Russian Realist Art. In present-day Moscow, classical large-scale museum spaces, such as the Central House of Artists or the Manege Central Exhibition Hall, neighbor chamber galleries, for instance, the Rigina Gallery and the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation. Another group of exhibition spaces include ambitious art clusters (Vinzavod and Artplay, among others) featuring exhibition and lecture halls, small galleries, cafés and bookstores.
The Garage Museum houses Russia’s first large-scale archive dedicated to modern Russian art from the 1950s to the present. It regularly holds temporary exhibitions that always become the big events of the season. The Museum actively promotes present-day Russian and international art covering all possible genres and styles, supports fledgling artists, and undertakes research, educational and publishing activities. The Museum has an excellent bookstore and a library. The Garage Museum is located in Gorky Park.
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This vast educational cluster primarily focuses on one of the trendiest areas of modern art, photography. The Museum occupies no less than seven floors and features minimalist interior design. It hosted exhibits by numerous artists, such as A. Rodchenko, Kh. Newton, A. Leibovitz, D. Hurst and many others. This museum regularly holds the Photo Biennale and the Fashion and Style in Photography Festival. The Multimedia Art Museum is situated in Ostozhenka, a beautiful historical neighbourhood, a few steps from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.
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Moscow’s Intellectual Centres

Today, there is a growing tendency for museums to turn into centers for communication and collaborative creativity. Over the past decade, the buildings of a number of local plants have been transformed into creative art spaces. Their distinctive feature is that many different facilities – galleries, fashion boutiques, cafés, lecture halls, co-working spaces and anti-cinemas, among others - share the same premises. These locations often feature loft design.

Located on the premises of a former plant, this Centre targets design professionals. Approximately 10% of its total area accommodates multimedia and other exhibitions aimed at maintaining the Centre’s cultural image. Visitors to this facility, can not only see exhibitions, but also walk around designer shops and have a bite in conceptual cafés.
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Flacon Design Factory.

This former plant is a cult venue for creative young people in Moscow, where they meet friends and go to unconventional cafés. On the territory of this design factory there is Lumiere Hall, a multimedia space that hosts exhibitions and film screenings, both in the daytime and at night, and puts on lectures and seminars. Besides, Flacon is a well-known co-working centre.
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Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art.

Vinzapod focuses almost entirely on exhibition activity. Many of its galleries – Rigina, XL Gallery and Pechersky Gallery, to name but a few - have achieved individual popularity among modern art admirers. The Centre accommodates about a dozen of small and large galleries as well as an art supermarket and a café.
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Major Exhibition Venues

A great many other major museums represent modern art in Moscow, in addition to the Garage Museum. These venues host exciting exhibitions that attract numerous art admirers. The same venues are ideal for holding international festivals and various art projects. A number of museums are actively updating their permanent collections with paintings, installations, sculptures, along with graphic, video and photography artwork.

Central House of Artists.

There are over sixty art galleries in Moscow’s Central House of Artists, where visitors can see works of art from all kinds of visual arts. The House holds over 300 exhibitions annually, adding to concerts, fairs and recitals.
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Manege Central Exhibition Hall.

The Manege’s vast exhibition area is perfect for organizing large exhibitions, art projects and concerts. The Moscow Modern Art Biennale took place here on several occasions. The Manege is located right beneath the Kremlin’s walls.
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Institute of Russian Realist Art.

Established with funds from patrons of the arts, the Institute houses an extensive collection of 20th- and 21st-century Russian realist painting. It takes up three floors dedicated to various periods of Soviet and modern Russian art.
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Moscow Museum of Modern Art

It is Russia’s first state museum dedicated entirely to 20th- and 21st-century art. Works by Russian avant-garde artists form the basis of the Museum’s collection.
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Red October

Located in the former building of the same-name chocolate factory on Bersenevskaya Embankment in a beautiful area near the Kremlin, Red October has been one of the largest art clusters since 2007. It is now one of the major meeting points for the creative elite in Moscow. Visitors will find almost anything on the territory of the former factory: exhibition halls, educational projects, unconventional cafés and pricy nightclubs and restaurants, an anti-cinema, shops selling designer goods, concert venues and much more, even a boxing ring.

Brothers Lumiere Photography.

With its three exhibition halls, a collection photography gallery, a bookstore, a library and a café, the Center holds regular exhibitions of the best works by Russian and international photographers and hosts the PhotoBookFest, which is Russia’s first photo book festival.
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Red October Fine Arts Club Exhibition Hall.

This new hall in Red October opened its doors in 2017. It blends loft interior designs with authentic architectural details dating back to the 19th century. Today, the Hall holds exhibitions of modern Russian photographers and artists. As an example, the exhibition of Veniamin Golubitsky entitled ‘uLITSA’ (Street) took place here in Spring 2017.
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ProLab Photography Holding.

This large exhibition project organizes events related to auteur photography exhibitions and sales. The Holding also owns the Gallery on Mosfilm, which organizes private exhibitions introducing visitors to Russian photographers and their artworks.
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Modern Photography in Moscow

Moscow has a countless number of photo galleries and other locations for photographers to present their works, but there are no more than a dozen truly iconic locations. Artworks exhibited there range from still lifes to street photography. These exhibition halls differ from other similar venues in that they have a unique relaxed atmosphere conducive to rest and contemplation of photo art.

Association Photo Centre.

Many press photographers from well-known newspapers have exhibited their works here in the past decades. The Photocentre boasts an archive collection of photographs dedicated to the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.
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Multimedia Art Museum.

The Museum’s collection is based on that of the Moscow House of Photography, opened in 1996. Over the last years, the Museum has held more than 1,500 photographic exhibitions. Affiliated with the Museum, the A. Rodchenko School of Photography also offers various master classes.
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Gallery of Classical Photography.

This newly opened exhibition space is a creation of a group of Moscow photographers. The Gallery combines classical photography with modern trends in this field. Works by both seasoned and fledgling photographers are exhibited side by side here.
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Fotodoc Centre.

Affiliated with the Andrei Sakharov Museum, this Centre is a venue for documentary photography amateurs and professionals alike. Burning issues in documentary photography are actively discussed here.
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No Russian?

Many exhibitions, especially major art galleries, present information on exhibits in both Russian and English. The Multimedia Art Museum, the Garage and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art offer excursions in English. Film screenings in English are available at the Multimedia Art Museum and the Brothers Lumiere Photography Centre; the latter has a library with most of its books in English. The Garage Museum publishes its brochures in Russian and English and offers audio guides in English. English-language lectures on 20th- and early 21st-century Russian art are offered at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets to all the galleries and museums are sold at the entrance, and the listed major exhibition centres sell tickets online. Many websites have English versions, which makes buying tickets much easier. You can print the e-ticket as soon as you pay for it. Alternatively, you can give your order number to the cashier and get your ticket there.
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Bersenevskaya Embankment
Andrey Bartenev at his one-man exhibition in 2015
Workshop in the National Centre for Contemporary Arts
View of the Manege and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour
Rally Esse Exhibition in the Photo Center
Oread Gallery in the Central House of Artists
National Centre for Contemporary Arts
National Centre for Contemporary Arts. Exhibition
National Centre for Contemporary Arts. Building
Mars Center. Installations
Manege in Soviet times
Kosygin's Phenomenon. Exhibition in the Ekaterina Cultural Foundation
Günther Uecker posing in front of his works during an exhibition in 1988
Gallery of records in the Winzavod Art Centre
Exhibition posters
Exhibition of Gabriele Lentini in the Photo Center
Entrance to the Institute of Russian Realist Art
Central House of Artists. Exhibition
Central House of Artists. Exhibition halls
Central House of Artists. Evgeny Margulis' concert
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