Moscow Raceway

Moscow Raceway


  • Moscow Raceway, designed by Hermann Tilke, meets the highest international standards.
  • It is located not far from Volokolamsk (97th km of Novorizhskoye Highway).
  • Visitors can try their hand at racing by driving their car or motorcycle on track days.
  • This circuit hosted racing competitions such as World Series by Renault, DTM and Superbike. Regular endurance racing competitions are also held here.
  • During competitions, free shuttles circulate between Moscow, railroad stations and the Moscow Raceway.
  • Important information is available in Russian and English.

Every car and motorcycle lover sometimes feels like becoming a racer. Russia’s only raceway that meets the highest international standards, Moscow Raceway, provides you with such an opportunity. Located near the town of Volokolamsk, not far from Moscow, Moscow Raceway raceway was designed by Hermann Tilke, a German engineer who designed numerous Formula One racing circuits worldwide. Siemens/PKE, one of the world communications leaders, took charge of equipping this venue, which allows Moscow Raceway to host international racing competitions, including the DTM annual touring car series.

Racing for Speed lovers

What makes this racing circuit particularly popular among car lovers is that it regularly holds car and motorcycle track days. Do you have a driving license and a car or a motorcycle? Then fill out the application form on Moscow Raceway’s official website, come to the venue at the appointed time and enjoy speed on this perfectly safe and secure raceway. Keep in mind that your legs and arms should be covered with clothing and that you should wear closed shoes. A helmet and full motorcycle gear are mandatory for motorcycle riders.

One track session is 15-minute-long and the number of sessions per day depends on your mood and budget. However, 15 minutes is usually enough to give you a thrill and make adrenaline boil in your blood. Raceway Marshals will take care of your safety, but you should be able to adequately accept your own strength, as the racing circuit will put your driving skills to a tough test. A medical team is permanently on duty here.

Competition of the best among the best

Moscow Raceway gets most busy during competitions, since it is here that Russia’s top racing events take place. The 2012 International World Series by Renault was the first major competition to take place on this circuit. Moscow Raceway annually hosts a number of international racing competitions, such as Superbike World Championships, World Touring Car Championships (WTCC), making car racing lovers from all over the world come in crowds to Russia’s “racing Mecca”.

Specifically, Moscow Raceway hosts the annual DTM, the world’s most popular touring car racing competition involving the German car industry giants (BMW, Audi and Mercedez-Benz), so it gets extremely hot on Moscow Raceway during summer racing weekends.

Moscow Raceway provides a free shuttle bus service for spectators to travel between Moscow and the racing venue. As many as 50,000 a day visit the most significant racing events taking place on Moscow Raceway and the venue is only too happy to welcome so many guests. The racing circuit has recreation zones, cafes, restaurants and a huge open-air parking space. Six stands seat over 30,000. Besides, racing lovers can enjoy the event seated on an earth mound offering some of the best views of the racing circuit.

All ages welcome

You can safely take your children to Moscow Raceway. First, the staff ensures that safety regulations are strictly enforced here, so it is highly unlikely that a child gets to the racing track or some other dangerous place. Second, the venue has a children’s playset, where your child will have great time while you tour the racing circuit. A mother’s room is available for visitors with babies. You can purchase gifts and other memorabilia bearing the images and logos of Moscow Raceway and of racing competitions taking place here.

The thought-out infrastructure makes Moscow Raceway popular among businessmen. This structure of considerable dimensions features user-friendly offices and halls that are ideal for holding corporate events, presentations and even large-scale conferences and festivals. Professional catering services are available for all events.

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