Moscow’s fancy night clubs

Moscow’s fancy night clubs


  • London creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, performances by internationaland Russian starsand thematic parties.
  • Lookin Rooms and Propaganda hold house music parties.
  • Glavclub Green Concert (Yotaspace) featuresa great concert hall with a 3,000-person dance floor and shows by international and Russian stars.
  • Icon is a luxurious and fashionable club famous for its show programs and thematic parties.
  • Leningrad holds retro parties and discos featuring remixes of biggest hits of the last four decades.
  • Oblaka Restaurant & Bar is a cozy nightclub offering weekend parties for families with children.

Moscow’s nightlife is vibrant and diverse. It’s best to start at the centre of the city to experience the best of it. A lot of Moscow clubs have been designed by world-famous experts, and Moscow DJs are often ranked in the world DJ tracklists. If you are not on a budget and willing to dance, listen to music and chat with your friends in a stylish atmosphere, our small overview of on-trend Moscow nightclubs will come in handy.


Many believe that the best discos in Moscow are held here. This popular nightclub was awarded first prize in the Russian Entertainment Awards in 2009. A pub on weekdays, the place turns into a great club on weekend evenings. The club holds regular themed parties and performances by Russian and foreign celebrities, such as Benny Benassi, John Dahlback, Nervo, Tristan Garner, Five, and so on. The signature interior design by Yuliya Shchors depicts fragmented futuristic scenes of London. This is a true collage of Moscovites’ views of the British capital, a blend of fog, umbrellas, red telephone booths and graffiti. The dance area is covered with black-and-white tiles resembling a chessboard and evoking a scene Alice in Wonderland. The eye is drawn to the mirror-faced cocoon with a DJ controller, reminiscent of the Looking Glass.

The menu offers British cuisine at affordable prices. For instance, you will pay 280 RUB for a slice of British fish pie, 300 RUB for a meat pie, 270 RUB for a bottle of Heineken, and 420 RUB for a margarita. The club has a capacity of about 900 and mostly plays house music and other genres of nightclub dance music. Dress codes apply. This club is probably the best outside the city centre.

The club operates on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. The pub is open from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. on weekdays. Address: 14 Vernadskogo AvenueRussian: prospekt Vernadskogo or проспект Вернадского.


This nightclub is centrally located in Tverskaya StreetRussian: ulitsa Tverskaya or улица Тверская. It occupies two floors and has a capacity of up to 800. Its interior design is also a product of Yuliya Shchors, a famous Russian designer with an unorthodox vision. The atmosphere is like going to a party at a friends’ villa in New York City. Classical furniture in soft colours blends with a layout that maximises the space available. There is a focus on lighting; the club itself is well-lit and there are also bright backlights at the bar, DJ controller and other critical areas. Candles and unusual chandeliers fit harmoniously into the space, which is divided into three main areas: dance floor, balconies (clubbing room), and veranda.

The menu offers Russian, European, Mexican and Japanese cuisine (the place operates as a restaurant and bar on weekdays). Hookahs are also available. Prices are moderate, e.g. 350 RUB for a Jack and Coke and 450 RUB for a Mai Tai. On weekends, the club transforms into a party scene to the music of famous house DJs from Russia and abroad. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly.

The club is open from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. on weekdays and from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weekends. Address: 18 Tverskaya St.

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This spacious club equipped with cutting-edge sound technology is one of the best concert venues in the city. It hosts performances of Russian and international celebrities of all musical genres, as well as festivals, presentations, screenings, sporting events, etc. Their event schedule features music from a variety of genres, from rap to indie rock. For example, Ofenbach, Combichrist and Billy Talent performed here in the summer of 2017. You have to buy tickets to access the club, so it would be wise to check upcoming events in advance and choose the one you like.

In addition to the concert hall with an enormous 3,000-capacity dance area, there are eight bars, a restaurant and six VIP rooms in the club. Free Wi-Fi is also at visitors’ disposal. The menu is quite affordable: you can purchase a B-52 shot for 300 RUB or a virgin mojito for 350 RUB at the dance floor bar. The VIP rooms feature a wider choice of drinks (although they are more pricey), and some food options — mostly various snacks and desserts.

Address: 11 Ordzhonikidze StRussian: ulitsa Ordzhonikidze or улица Орджоникидзе. The box office is open from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. daily.


This club can be found at the former production site of Krasny OktyabrRussian: Красный Октябрь, where Moscow youths tend to congregate. This area is home to a number of clubs, restaurants and art galleries. The Icon Club is considered to be one of the most ambitious and large-scale clubs in Moscow. It is aimed at high-end clientele and definitely occupies the upmarket niche. Everything is exudes luxury and glamour. The club specialises in performance shows and the latest music trends. The club is famous for its New Year’s Eve parties as well as weekly themed parties that involve popular DJs and celebrity performers from Russia and abroad. House, mash-up and other genres of club music played here. Dress codes are strict here, as is the case with any club of a similar status.

The club has a capacity of over 2,000, including up to 500 in the three tiers of boxes that enclose the two large dance areas. All the walls and pillars as well as the second and third tiers are decorated to resemble a salt room. Mouldings, sculptures and unusual balustrades render the interior genuinely luxurious. A bar area with a number of plasma displays and a stationary sound system is available for those willing to sip on a cocktail or have a chat. This area is designed to blend different styles. Prices are above average. European cuisine accounts for the bulk of the menu, but some Japanese meals are also on offer. It costs 800 RUB for a specialty Icon cocktail and 700 for a Bloody Mary. Pasta costs from 800 to 1,000 RUB here, and a rib-eye steak will cost you 1,900 RUB.

The club is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 p.m. until the last customer leaves. Address: Bld. 1, 9 Bolotnaya EmbankmentRussian: Bolotnaya naberezhnaya or Болотная набережная.


This is a popular Moscow disco club for mature people who are keen to relax and have a dance. Retro parties, themed parties and discos featuring remixes of the best hits of the last four decades are held every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The club has a capacity of up to 700. It is designed as an amphitheatre so that the stage can be seen from anywhere. The sound is directed to the dance floor so as not to disturb those sitting at tables. A huge mirrored ball is a prominent feature of the interior design. The lower room of the club has a small sound-proof VIP room with personalised service. In addition to the disco room, there is also a restaurant, a karaoke box, a veranda, and a winter garden. The interior design resembles a library; the walls are stacked with books you can read while having your lunch or dinner. A starry sky decorates the karaoke box and professional backing vocals also contribute to atmosphere. The incredibly light and airy veranda is designed in a laconic, snow-white style. It has a capacity of 50–70 and offers direct entry to the summer terrace.

The menu is diverse, including dishes of European and Japanese cuisines as well as house specialties. Prices range from moderate to high. You will pay 590 RUB for a piña colada and 450 RUB for a bottle of Corona Extra; salads cost 500–1,000 or more, while prices for mains start at 700–800 RUB. There are also some barbecue grill options available.

The club is open Sun–Wed from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.; Thu–Sat from 12 p.m. to 6 a.m. Address: 24A Leningradsky AvenueRussian: Leningradskiy prospekt or Ленинградский проспект.



Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, OblakaRussian: Облака Restaurant & Bar turns into an intimate nightclub with a capacity of only 200 people. Located on the top floor of the premium shopping mall Vremena GodaRussian: Времена года, it offers a breathtaking panoramic view of western Moscow. The main room is decorated in shades of white, silver and golden, and white sofas create an impression of airiness, making visitors feel as if they are sitting on clouds. In wintertime, you can sit by a real fireplace; open-air spaces and loft verandas are available in summer. The dance floor and the stage are small, so clubbers usually dance between the tables. The new club event called Clouds Club takes place every Thursday, hosting the best DJs in the city. Families with children are welcome on weekends.

Pop music is prioritised here. The event schedule features bands like Dante, Lavina and Artik & Asti. The menu is composed of fusion cuisine and house specialties, plus a range of Italian dishes. Prices are definitely higher than average, starting from 800 RUB for salads and from 600 RUB for appetisers.

The restaurant is open Sat–Wed from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.; the club operates Thu – Sat from 12 p.m. to 6 a.m. Address: 48 Kutuzovsky AvenueRussian: Kutuzovskiy prospekt or Кутузовский проспект.


This legendary nightclub is nearly as old as Moscow nightlife itself. Opened in 1997, it remains a favourite amongst club-goers. PropagandaRussian: Пропаганда has become famous for its Sanchez ThursdaysRussian: Chetvergi Sanchesa or Четверги Санчеса — house parties mixed by DJ Sergey Sanchez, who is great at selecting and blending the best of funk, electro, house and deep techno. These parties have packed the dance floor every Thursday night and into Friday morning for many years.

In the daytime, the club operates as an affordable café with signature fruit cocktails for 180–220 RUB. You will pay on average of 350 RUB for homemade pasta, 270–550 RUB for a salad, 300 RUB for a piña colada, and 210 RUB for a bottle of Amber Weiss. In the meantime, mindblowing parties hit the place every single night of the week. Propaganda (popularly known as PropkaRussian: Пропка) has become a favourite place to meet, see friends and fall in love for several generations.

Working hours: 11.30 a.m.–12 a.m. (café); 12 p.m.–6 a.m. (club), daily. Address: 7 Bolshoy Zlatoustinsky LaneRussian: Bolshoy Zlatoustinskiy pereulok or Большой Златоустинский переулок.

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