U Nikitskikh Vorot Theatre

U Nikitskikh Vorot Theatre

Moscow’s Nikitskiye Vorota TheatreRussian: Teatr «U Nikitskikh vorot» or Театр «У Никитских ворот» is arguably one of the most special theatres in Moscow. It evolved from an amateur studio of enthusiastic young actors headed by the talented director Mark Rozovsky, transforming, in a short space of time, into an exceptionally professional and accomplished theatre team. The quality of works staged here are reflected in the numerous theatrical awards, testimony to the fact that the theatre has a solid place in the Moscow art scene.

Nikitskiye Vorota Theatre occupies a beautifully restored building on Bolshaya Nikitskaya StreetRussian: ulitsa Bolshaya Nikitskaya or улица Большая Никитская. The troupe moved to this 18th-century mansion after many years of wandering from one theatrical venue to another, without their own permanent stage. The theatre building, located approximately 20 minutes’ walk from the Moscow Kremlin Russia, is surrounded by lovely historic streets and boulevards, as well as numerous architectural landmarks.

Theatre’s historical background

The young actors who found themselves under the directorship of Mark Rozovsky in 1983 were ambitious, ready to work hard and experiment. As early as 1991, what was once an amateur studio became a national theatre. The troupe stood out, from the very beginning, for its boldness and superior taste in its choice of repertoire. It went from strength to strength in the quality of its acting and production value, a fact that was repeatedly pointed out by critics.

As the theatre initially had no building of its own, the troupe had to perform in small and often ill-equipped venues. For a while, the theatre even worked from a communal apartment located in an annex of its current building on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, with a seating capacity of only 80. Despite this, the theatre’s performances usually played to full houses.

In January 2012, Nikitskiye Vorota Theatre staged its first performance in its brand new 200-seat spacious auditorium, which featured a stage equipped with the latest technology. The amenities are well-thought out for audiences, and the modern four-storey theatre building has a comfortable cloakroom and a buffet. In addition to two halls, the old and the new, the theatre boasts an elegant brown and green foyer and a distinctive antique-style interior design.

Nikitskiye Vorota theatre today

Nikitskiye Vorota Theatre has gained tremendous popularity among Muscovites, and many consider its repertoire unique. On the production list are Anna KareninaRussian: Анна Каренина and The Cherry OrchardRussian: Vishnyovyi sad or Вишнёвый сад, modern Russian and foreign plays, such as Love and DovesRussian: Lyubov i golubi or Любовь и голуби, Bury Me behind the BaseboardRussian: Pokhoronite menya za plintusom or Похороните меня за плинтусом, A Streetcar Named DesireRussian: Tramvay «Zhelaniye» or Трамвай «Желание», Salem WitchesRussian: Seylemskiye vedmy or Сейлемские ведьмы, tragedies and farce plays, poetry shows and musicals. Actors nurtured by Mark Rozovsky are widely recognized as great dancers and singers, unafraid of taking risks when playing around with new forms of self-expression. Seeing a performance at the Nikitskiye Vorota Theatre is considered to be a rite of passage if you are a serious theatre-goer in Moscow.

The theatre’s repertoire numbers over 40 productions. Both fledgling and experienced artists, including the artistic director Mark Rozovsky himself, perform with equal dedication and commitment in shows for adults and children alike. Spectators come to enjoy the performances of Vladimir Yumatov, Rayna Praudina, Galina Borisova, Aleksandr Karpov, Yekaterina Raykina and Aleksandr Masalov. It is a truly wonderful place to see a show; as Rozovsky once said, “Our theatre is, of course, for the chosen ones, but the beauty of it is that everyone can be those chosen ones”.

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Within Garden Ring

Nearest Metro Station

Arbatskaya, Aleksandrovsky Sad


23/9 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Mo: 11 am - 8 pm
Tu: 11 am - 8 pm
We: 11 am - 8 pm
Th: 11 am - 8 pm
Fr: 11 am - 8 pm
Sa: 11 am - 8 pm
Su: 11 am - 8 pm

Ticket Price

From 300 to 2000 rubles depending on a performance and a seat.
Photography and video recording during the play are not allowed.

Visiting Rules


Additional Information

There is an opportunity to buy tickets online.


The Wolf Man, a theatrical performance
Dad, mum, Stalin and I, a theatrical performance
Oh, dear friend!, a theatrical performance
The Cherry Orchard, a theatrical performance
Waiting for a Phone Call, a theatrical performance
Buddies, a theatrical performance
Anna Karenina, a theatrical performance
PRO PROCESS, a theatrical performance
Moscow Theatre at Nikitsky Gate. Night performance
Moscow Theatre at Nikitsky Gate. Auditorium
Grandma, Iliko, Illarion and I

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