The PraktikaRussian: Практика (Practice) Theatre is ultra-modern and is experimental in many ways. Located in central Moscow (PushkinskayaRussian: Пушкинская metro station), it’s a place where modern plays are staged by new-generation directors and actors with a special approach to theatrical productions. The themes explored are very current and the language is decidedly modern, too. The Praktika theatre is the first Moscow state theatre of modern drama. It was founded in 2005 by Eduard Boyakovproducer, theatre director, drama teacher, who was on the lookout for new art forms and collaborated with spectators, striving to understand what art should look like in the modern world.

Eduard Boyakov proposed a new approach to organizing the Praktika theatre’s operations. Every performance is a separate project with its own director and cast. The repertoire is approved by the Coordinating Council which includes the Director, the Artistic Director, and producers. As a result, the theatre’s repertoire comprises a great variety of productions which are not confined to one permanent troupe of actors but share a common style.

The Playwrights of the theatre

At various times, the theatre staged plays by playwrights Yuri Klavdiev, German Grekov, Ivan Vyrypaev, Mikhail Ugarov, Pavel Pryazhko, Joel Pommerat, and directors Vladimir Ageev, Filipp Grigoryan, Svetlana Zemlyakova, Ruslan Malikov, and Victor Ryzhakov. The Praktika theatre has been headed by director, actor, and playwright Ivan Vyrypaev since 2013. Today its repertoire includes a few of his productions, such as “Sugar”, “UFO”, «Grace and Fortitude”, “Illusions”, “Intolerable”, “Long Embrace”, and “mahamaya electronic devices”.

Staging in the Praktika



“Sugar (Sakhar)” (a combination of music by Casimir Lieske and text by Ivan Vyrypaeva Russian director, actor, and playwright, where the actors are form a music band at the same time) is a direct appeal to the audience’s emotions. Here’s what the director says about his production: “We would like to talk about communication as well as everything that is associated with this concept. Here you’ll find love, the ability to live among other people, humor, and the ability to take yourself and the world around as they are. But most importantly, what we would like to talk about, or rather, what we would like to experience together with the audience, is a certain quality of life. The quality of life where the main element of perception is sensuality.”

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The “UFO” presents conversations with people who claim to have seen such objects. It is recorded by Vyrypaev and it raises questions about whether we are missing something unidentifiable. Another performance by Praktika that caused large-scale public response is “Sneakers” (Kedy), Ruslan Malikov’s production based on a play by Lyubov Strizhak. This is a story typically representative of the younger generation (the so-called hipsters) and addresses life without purpose and its fragmentary nature, as well as the concept of free will. The audience gets involved in the action and conversation throughout the performance.

This is me too. Verbatim

A view of modern life created by 20-year-old actors is given in the project “This is Me, Too. Verbatim (Eto tozhe ya. Verbatim)”, a production by graduates of Dmitry Brusnikin Workshop (class of 2011-2015 at the Moscow Art Theater Schoola studio school (college) at the Moscow Art Theatre). The viewers interact with the piece, and a new reality emerges as a result.

625_pic2_sThe theatre’s long-term documentary project “Person.doc (Chelovek.doc)” comprises mixed genre play-stories about ten cultural figures who are “modern cultural heroes,” as Boyakov puts it. This concept is unique because Andrey Rodionov, Bronislav Vinogrodsky, Vladimir Martynov, Germes Zaygott, Olga Darfi, Smoky Mo, Petlyura, Oleg Genisaretsky, Oleg Kulik, and Alexander Gelman  take a look at themselves from within and play themselves on stage.

The Praktika theatre stands for unity of style. Even in terms of design everything is thought out to the last detail there. This is true not only for its performances but also for the space inside the theatre, theatre programmes, the theatre cafe, etc. It is clear, simple and of high quality.


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