Resurrection Church in Kadashi Sloboda

Resurrection Church in Kadashi Sloboda


  • The first wooden church on this site was erected in the 15th century and the present-day church dates back to 1687-1695.
  • The redbrick church in Kadashi, lavishly decorated with white carved elements, was built in the Naryshkin Baroque style.
  • A sundial has survived on the southern side of the Church. The Church was painted by artisans from the Armoury Chamber.
  • Kadashi Sloboda, a local history museum, is affiliated with the Church.
  • The Church is located in Zamoskvorechye, one of Moscow’s central historic districts abounding with many other landmarks that have survived to this day.

The Resurrection Church in KadashiRussian: Khram Voskreseniya Khristova v Kadashakh or Храм Воскресения Христова в Кадашах is one of the most beautiful churches in the ZamoskvorechyeRussian: Замоскворечье District and perhaps even in all of Moscow. Despite its turbulent historical background, this magnificent Naryshkin Baroquea particular style of Baroque architecture and decoration that was fashionable in Moscow from the turn of the 17th into the early 18th centuries church built at the end of the 17th century has survived until today. Nowadays, two chapels and a church consecrated to Saint Job of PochayevRussian: prepodobnyi Iov Pochaevskiy or преподобный Иов Почаевский hosting some of his relics are both located on the grounds of the Resurrection Church in Kadashi, along with the Kadashi Quarter MuseumRussian: kraevedcheskiy muzey «Kadashevskaya sloboda» or краеведческий музей «Кадашевская слобода» and a local history society.

Zamoskvorechye is one of Moscow’s oldest districts. Many historical buildings here date back to the 17th through 19th centuries, and the district features many museums, cafés and pedestrian streets.


храм воскресения стенописьThe history of the Resurrection Church in Kadashi goes back to at least the late 15th century; a church on this site is first mentioned in a document dated 1493. The stone church seen in Kadashi today was built between 1687 and 1695. The unusual name, ‘KadashiRussian: Кадаши’ derives, according to legend, from the main occupation of the residents of the quarter, namely, the manufacture of kadi, or barrels. The Kadashi Quarter had five churches, but the Resurrection Church was the preferred one due to its convenient location between OrdynkaRussian: Ордынка and PolyankaRussian: Полянка Streets, which are the ancient roads running in a southern direction. The Kremlin is located facing the church on the opposite bank of the Moskva RiverRussian: Moskva-reka or Москва-река.

Several wealthy entrepreneurs residing in the quarter funded the construction of the large two-storey church. A church consecrated to the resurrection of Christ, unheated and used in the summer months, was located on the upper floor, and the lower storey housed, throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, as many as three altars consecrated to various saints.

Церковь в КадашахThe Kadashi Church belongs to the so-called Naryshkin, or Moscow, Baroque architectural style, which was very popular in Moscow at the end of the 17th century. The red brick church is lavishly decorated with white carvings, including window trims, portal design and other elements typical of the time. The layout of the church is similar to any 17th-century five-domed parish church. One noteworthy detail, however, is the surviving sundial on the south wall of the church. The interior features a sumptuous hand-carved wooden iconostasis and wall frescoes by artists from the Kremlin ArmouryRussian: Oruzheynaya palata or Оружейная палата.

A 43-metre-high belfry, added to the church in 1695, was commonly known as “the candle” because of its elegant, elongated proportions. The tallest landmark in Zamoskvorechye, the belfry, was intended to be part of the celebrated high-rise towers in medieval Moscow that were situated between the Ivan the Great Bell TowerRussian: kolokolnya Ivana Velikogo or колокольня Ивана Великого in the Kremlin and the Resurrection Church in KolomenskoyeRusssian: tserkov Vozneseniya v Kolomenskom or церковь Вознесения в Коломенском. The main bell in the Kadashi church was made in 1750 and weighed over 6 tons. Rumour has it that this bell is now stored in the Bolshoi TheatreRussian: Большой театр and is used in its performances.

Besides the gorgeous Kremlin and Red Square, there are a lot of outstanding historical landmarks in Moscow. You should visit Novodevichy convent, cathedral in Moscow and other unique sights. You can read about them on our website pages “World religions in Moscow” and “History and Architecture”.


Церковь Иова Почаевского - бывший сарай храма в КадашахThe Kadashi Church suffered greatly during the French Invasion of Russia in 1812during the war between the Russian Empire and Napoleonic France on the territory of Russia. The parish was looted, and Napoleon’s soldiers turned the church into a stable. The Soviet period was equally difficult for the Kadashi Church, as religious services stopped in 1934, and the church was closed. However, its historical and cultural significance saved it from demolition. Reconstruction works began in the late 1940s, and the church was handed over to the Grabar Centre for Art Research and RestorationRussian: nauchno–restavratsionnyi tsentr im. Grabarya or научно–реставрационный центр им. Грабаря in 1966.

A new period for the Kadashi Church began in the 1990s. The main building of the church accommodated the Grabar Centre, so religious authorities blessed the foundation of the Church of St. Job of PochayevRussian: khram prepodobnogo Iova Pochaevskogo or храм преподобного Иова Почаевского. This tiny church occupied the building of a former coach-house on the premises of the Resurrection Church. Interestingly, it is the only church in Moscow consecrated to St. Job, and a 17th-century icon portraying him holding a particle of his relics can be seen in Kadashi. In 2006, the conflict between the Church and the restoration workshops was over, and the Russian Orthodox ChurchRussian: Russkaya Pravoslavnaya Tserkov or Русская Православная Церковь officially regained its status as the Resurrection Church.

Exposition of the museum at the churchTwo chapels consecrated to the canonized Romanovsthe second dynasty to rule Russia, after the House of Rurik, reigning from 1613 until the February Revolution of 1917 and the Icon of Our Lady of PochaevRussian: Pochaevskaya Ikona Bozhiey Materi or Почаевская Икона Божией Матери as well as the Church of St. Job of Pochayev are now open in the Resurrection Church in Kadashi. The Kadashi Quarter Museum and a local history society operate on its premises; regular excursions are held here, along with Kadashi ReadingsRussian: Kadashevskie chteniya or Кадашевские чтения, which are conferences aimed at preserving Russian cultural legacy.

Many other architectural landmarks have been preserved in Moscow’s central, historical areas in the vicinity of the Resurrection Church in Kadashi. The State Tretyakov GalleryRussian: Gosudarstvennaya Tretyakovskaya galereya or Государственная Третьяковская галерея is a five-minute walk from the church. You can also walk to the Kremlin and Red Square, stroll along PyatnitskayaRussian: Пятницкая, Bolshaya OrdynkaRussian: Большая Ордынка and many other picturesque historical streets in the area. In addition to various cultural landmarks, this area has many restaurants and cafés suiting all tastes.


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Resurrection Church in Kadashi. Icons
Tretyakov Gallery located near the Resurrection Church in Kadashi
Resurrection Church in Kadashi. Murals
Hotel opposite the Resurrection Church in Kadashi
Kadashi Sloboda Museum
Aleksandr Saltykov, archpriest of the Resurrection Church in Kadashi
Church murals
Kadashi in art
Kadashi Sloboda. Reconstruction
Kadashi Sloboda. Panoramic view from the Kremlin wall
Resurrection Church in Kadashi. Sepulchre
Saint Job of Pochayev
Icon of the Mother of God of Kadashi, the church's main relic
Church of Saint Job of Pochayev
Church of Saint Job of Pochayev, a former church shed in Kadashi
Resurrection Church in Kadashi
Resurrection Church in Kadashi. Interior
Resurrection Church in Kadashi. Architectural details
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Resurrection Church in Kadashi. Museum exhibition
Resurrection Church in Kadashi. Interior
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