Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing


  • An extensive network of rock climbing gyms welcomes rock-climbing fans and offers them renting services.
  • Limestone is Moscow’s largest indoor climbing gym specialized in bouldering, open from early morning until late at night.
  • Top-rope climbing can be practiced at X8 and Skala City gyms.
  • In X8’s Cave Rope Park lit with ultraviolet lamps, visitors can not only do some rock climbing, but also throw a birthday party.
  • All rock-climbing gyms have classes for children aged 4 to 7.
  • You can find English-speaking instructors at most rock climbing gyms in Moscow.

Moscow has over 60 indoor rock climbing gyms. The sport is becoming increasingly popular among sport and outdoor leisure enthusiasts, and the number of gyms increases from year to year. Almost all centres offer indoor climbing classes for children aged from 4 or 5. Prices per visit vary from 300 to 600 RUB, while a group session with a coach will cost you between 700 to 1,200 RUB. The fees are lower if you sign up for a membership. All indoor climbing gyms offer rental services. As a rule, you can rent climbing shoes and harness, ropes, chalk (to protect your hands from gliding) and various belay devices. Rental fees are often included in the price of group sessions. When visiting an indoor climbing gym by yourself, renting climbing equipment will cost you another 300 to 600 RUB.

Where to go indoor climbing? You’ll find the list of our recommended locations below.


As of now, Limestone is Russia’s largest indoor climbing gym, with a total area of 800 sq. m. The gym is divided into sections so that beginners, amateurs and professionals do not get in each other’s way. The kids’ zone features simple and safe vertical surfaces. Children under 5 are not permitted to climb.

If you are a novice at indoor climbing, TrialRussian: Триал and Introductory SessionRussian: Vvodnoye zanyatiye or Вводное занятие services are available. A trial is a short 30-minute training session, including a demonstration and three trial сlimbs under the supervision of a coach. The Introductory Session is longer and includes a demonstration, instructions, trial climbs and climbing without ropes in the main gym. Climbing classes are taught in groups of up to 5 students (booking is required). You can also hire a personal coach or practice on your own. Flexible subscriptions, discounts and subsidized tariffs make indoor climbing accessible to everyone. Another big advantage is that the facility is open from early morning until late at night.

Address: Block 6, 18, Lesnoryadsky LaneRussian: Lesnoryadskiy pereulok or Леснорядский переулок

ScalatoriaRussian: Скалатория

This climbing gym specializes in bouldering, which is a form of climbing over short, complicated areas. With an area of some 600 sq. m., the gym is, however, suitable for all forms of indoor climbing. Beginners are offered 20- to 25-minute trial climbing sessions with a coach or an introductory class in a group of up to 6 climbers. The introductory session is 60 to 80 minutes long and includes a demonstration, instructions, climbing under the supervision of an instructor and cool down exercises. The gym offers climbing classes for beginner adults and children over 4 years old. Scalatoria also runs O’ScalRussian: О'Скал, a climbing club for young climbers headed by Mikhail Pekarev, a master of the sport, champion of Russia and an experienced coach.

Address: Block 2, 4, Letnikovskaya StreetRussian: ulitsa Letnikovskaya or улица Летниковская


One of Moscow’s largest indoor climbing gyms, Rockzona has an area of 600 sq. m. At least seven new tracks are laid out every week. Everyone except novice climbers can choose a track on the gym’s official website before coming here, memorize the location of holds and thus make a plan of attach before even arriving. Entrance is free of charge for climbing, ice and alpinism professionals. As is the case elsewhere, you can train in small groups or practice indoor climbing on your own. The children’s climbing club O’Scal holds classes here, in addition to Scalatoria. What’s more, Rockzona organizes climbing trips to natural mountaintops for those who have acquired enough climbing experience and want to try their hand at climbing on natural walls. An equipment store, a fitness centre and a recreation zone operate on the gym’s premises.

Address: 22, Andropova AvenueRussian: prospekt Andropova or проспект Андропова

Skala cityRussian: Скала Сити

This indoor climbing gym features some one hundred walls of varying complexity for both adults and children. The height of the walls is 12 meters, and the total area of the walls is over 400 sq. m. You can train independently, with a coach or in a group. Climbers are divided into groups by level and training is provided on a flexible schedule. Facilities include a fitness room, a workout zone with wall bars and a ballet bar, and even a banquet area. The gym organizes regular trips to do outdoor rock climbing for both adults and children. Climbing walls are frequently updated; old holds are taken out and new ones are screwed on the walls to keep the rock walls fun and exciting for regular visitors.

Address: bldg. 14, 36 Kutuzovsky AvenueRussian: Kutuzovskiy prospekt or Кутузовский проспект

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The height of this gym’s walls – 8 meters – is what gives it its name. The total area of the walls is 300 sq. m. The gym has two halls, one for professional climbing and the other for bouldering. Having opened only recently, X8 has hosted several indoor climbing festivals. It offers many programmes for beginner climbers and welcomes children from the age of 6. Also, the gym has a Cave Rope ParkRussian: verevochnyi park «Peschera» or веревочный парк «Пещера» lit with ultraviolet lamps which make the gym a really atmospheric place to climb. Functions, including birthdays, are held here.

Address: 2, Pyataya Kabelnaya StreetRussian: ulitsa 5-aya Kabelnaya or улица 5-ая Кабельная (SportEXRussian: СпортЕХ Shopping and Entertainment Centre)

Indoor climbing gym at Bauman Moscow state technical universityRussian: MGTU imeni Baumana or МГТУ имени Баумана

This is one of Moscow’s oldest indoor climbing gyms. The height of the main hall is 12 meters, and climbing requires a partner or a coach. There is also a 4-meter-high smaller area, with a variety of surfaces and hooks. The bouldering hall is used for group classes. The gym is open from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm on weekdays. Climbing classes are open to children over 7 years of age. Climbers over 18 years old are able to climb by themselves.

Address: Block 2, 4, Gospitalnaya EmbankmentRussian: Gospitalnaya naberezhnaya or Госпитальная набережная

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