Roller Skating

Roller Skating


  • Moscow parks are a top destination to enjoy roller skating and discover the Muscovites’ everyday life.
  • Besides  skating, all parks offer a wealth of other activities, including catamarans, yoga, dance floors, chess, museums, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Numerous avenues, slopes and smooth surfaces make both experienced and beginner skaters of all age groupsfeel at ease in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill.
  • Sokolniki Park has two skateboarding venues.
  • Roller skates and protective gearrentals are available in Gorky Central Park, VDNKh, Luzhniki, Kuzminki and other parks.
  • The RollerdromeRoll Hall at Tulskaya Metro Station is an indoor rink for recreational skating. Equipment rentals are available.

The roller skating season is rather short in Moscow. It begins as soon as the snow is gone (rarely before May) and ends with the onset of cold temperatures and steady rains at the end of September.

If you are an experienced skater, you could try street skating. Moscow expands its pedestrian areas and becomes more ‘user-friendly in summer. For example, mini half pipes for skaters, a swing, and even a small rock climbing wall have all appeared in New ArbatRussian: Novy Arbat or Новый Арбат. Some skating elements have also been added to Triumfalnaya SquareRussian: Triumfal’naya ploshchad’ or Триумфальная площадь. In addition, there is an all-year-round indoor roller skating rink. However, the city’s parks are likely to be your number one destination if you want to enjoy Moscow and get an insight into Muscovites’ everyday life.

Gorky Central Park of Culture and LeisureRussian: Tsentral’ny park kul’tury i otdykha imeni Gorkogo or Центральный парк культуры и отдыха имени Горького (9 Krymsky ValRussian: Крымский Вал St) is Moscow’s central park, where the number of visitors can exceed 250,000 on some weekends. The total surface area of Gorky Park’s recreational zones together with Neskuchny GardenRussian: Neskuchnyi sad or Нескучный сад, Sparrow HillsRussian: Vorobyovy gory or Воробьёвы горы and Fallen Monument ParkRussian: Park iskusstv Muzeon or Парк искусств Музеон is 220 ha. This was one of the first, world-class parks in Russia and the most popular open-air leisure venue. It embraces all types of activities: museums, dance floors, beach football, fitness, catamarans, yoga, chess, restaurants and bars… and, of course, roller skating.

The park has an 8 km-long bike path that allows roller skating, biking, and kick scootering day and night. The postcard-perfect Pushkinskaya EmbankmentRussian: Pushkinskaya naberezhnaya or Пушкинская набережная and the park avenues are great for speed skating. The park is adjacent to Sparrow Hills and Andreevskaya EmbankmentRussian: Andreevskaya naberezhnaya or Андреевская набережная, so the overall length of bikeways in this scenic part of Moscow is over 15 km! There is also a roller skating rink, suitable for both amateurs and experienced skaters.

Access to Gorky Park is free and you can get around the park using velomobiles that can be rented from kiosks. You can hire the vehicles between 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., as long as they are returned by 10 p.m. You will also have to provide a valid ID as a deposit. Visitors are also able to rent roller skates, paying 200 RUB for the first hour and 100 RUB per each subsequent hour. Protective gear is available to rent for 50 RUB/hour.

Victory ParkRussian: park Pobedy or парк Победы on Poklonnaya HillRussian: Poklonnaya gora or Поклонная гора, one of Moscow’s sights, is a mecca for fans of roller skating. This Moscow park is one of Russia’s memorial complexes dedicated to the victory in the Patriotic War of 1941—1945. To get to the park, you can take the metro to KutuzovskayaRussian: Кутузовская station and walk for about 5 minutes from the Triumphal ArchRussian: Triumfal’naya arka or Триумфальная арка.

Anyone will feel at ease here, including beginners who just want to enjoy roller skating on the long and smooth tracks, as well as more adventurous stair riders, freestyle slalom skaters, and others. Numerous avenues and slopes, smooth surfaces, and good lighting in the evening make Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill an ideal location for skaters of all skill levels and ages.

VDNKhRussian: ВДНХ (119 Mira AvenueRussian: prospekt Mira or проспект Мира) is a very popular resort for Muscovites, tourists and Moscow roller skaters. This is a heaven for fans of boots on wheels, who can use nearly the whole territory of this huge architectural and recreational complex. There are also a number of places to rent roller skates: in the Central AvenueRussian: Tsentralnaya alleya or Центральная аллея bays, by the Southern EntranceRussian: Yuzhnyi vkhod or Южный вход, by the entrance to the Botanic GardenRussian: Botanicheskiy sad or Ботанический сад, at Promyshlennosti SquareRussian: ploschad Promyshlennosti or площадь Промышленности, and in Ostankino ParkRussian: park «Ostankino» or парк «Останкино».

An hour of roller skating costs about 150 RUB, and you will have to leave your valid ID as a deposit. Roller skates can be rented for 24 hours at the price of three hours, or 450 RUB.

The Roll Hall RollerdromeRussian: Роллердром «РоллХолл» at TulskayaRussian: Тульская metro station (3 Kholodilny LaneRussian: Kholodil’ny pereulok or Холодильный переулок) is where you can go to skate in any weather. The total surface area of this indoor rink is 1,500 square metres, and special rubber flooring makes skating as comfortable as possible. The rink is only intended for recreational roller skating, and no inline facilities like half pipes or hand rails are provided.

Unlimited access to the rink during the day costs 300–400 RUB. If you want to rent roller skates, you will only pay a fee of 270–300 RUB (hourly rate) or 450–550 (unlimited use during the day).

The Rollerdrome is located in a shopping arcade a few steps away from Tulskaya metro station. Besides roller skating, you can also browse around shops, have a cup of coffee, play billiards, bowling or arcade games. The place is a must-visit attraction for families.

Sokolniki ParkRussian: park «Sokolniki» or парк «Сокольники» (Bld. 1, 1 Sokolnichesky Val StreetRussian: ulitsa Sokol’nicheskiy Val or улица Сокольнический Вал) is another hot spot frequented by Muscovites, which is open around the clock. The park offers all kinds of facilities: swimming pools, cafés and fast food restaurants, playing fields, a ropes course, a gorgeous rosary, museums, and even an observatory.

However, the key advantage of Sokolniki Park is that pedestrian zones have a really good pavement surface. There are three roller skate rental kiosks in the park: one in the Main AvenueRussian: Glavnaya alleya or Главная аллея, one in the Sand AvenueRussian: Pesochnaya alleya or Песочная аллея, and one in Festivalnaya SquareRussian: Festival’naya ploshchad’ or Фестивальная площадь. The rentals are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, with the last hire one hour before closing. The rental fee is 200 RUB/hour + security deposit (ID + 500 RUB per pair of skates).

Two skate parks have been recently constructed in Sokolniki. Now, skateboarders can use the tented plywood skate arenas and the new concrete structures. The skate parks can be found left of the main entrance, opposite Astronomers GardenRussian: Sad astronomov or Сад астрономов.

River Terminal ParkRussian: Park na Rechnom vokzale or Парк на Речном вокзале is a very beautiful and, importantly, comfortable roller skating destination (2a Leninsky AvenueRussian: Leninskiy prospekt or Ленинский проспект, KhimkiRussian: Химки). The park is relatively small, its surface area being 40 ha. However, it has a smooth, high quality skating surface, and helpful lighting at night. Unfortunately, there is no rental centre in the park. Nevertheless, the park is perfect for walking or having a picnic against a background of diverse flowerbeds that will make for some nice travel photos.

Izmaylovsky ParkRussian: Izmaylovskiy park or Измайловский парк (7 Bolshogo Kruga AlleyRussian: Alleya Bol’shogo Kruga or Аллея Большого Круга) is one of the most safe parks in Europe, an oasis for family activities within the capital.

The park is a cultural heritage site – it contains a lot of garden art and conservation areas. Izmaylovo KremlinRussian: Izmaylovskiy kreml or Измайловский кремль and Museum Reserve is situated close by. This is an area of 310 ha, perfect for roller skating with its countless narrow paths and central avenues so popular among roller skaters. Skates and protective gear are available for hire from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the park. The price is 100 RUB/hour + a deposit of 1,500 RUB.

KuzminkiRussian: Кузьминки is another park where you can rent roller skates (1 Zarechye StreetRussian: ulitsa Zarechye or улица Заречье). This is a beautiful park with its 2500 sq. m area, perfect for roller skaters, BMX riders and skateboarders. Hundreds of professional and amateur fans of extreme sport train daily in air zones with trampolines and street zones with sliding elements.

The paved paths and shaded avenues of Kuzminki Park are perfect for roller skating. The park is accessible from 5.30 a.m. to 1.30 a.m. Rental services are available from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The rental fee is 160/180 RUB per hour or 240/260 RUB for two hours on weekdays/weekends, respectively.

The 850th Anniversary of Moscow ParkRussian: Park 850-letiya Moskvy or Парк 850-летия Москвы (9/2 Lugovoy PassageRussian: Lugovoy proyezd or Луговой проезд) faces the embankment of the River MoskvaRussian: Moskva-reka or Москва-река, so beautiful views are guaranteed. The park has a roller skating rink, which offers special inline skate training facilities; a large and a small half pipe, and a quarter pipe. The free-access open-air rink is open daily and rentals are available. The park is located at Bld. 4, 10 Maryinsky ParkRussian: Марьинский Парк St, MaryinoRussian: Марьино metro station.

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Sparrow HillsRussian: Vorobyovy gory or Воробьёвы горы (13 Michurinsky AvenueRussian: Michurinskiy prospekt or Мичуринский проспект) is a great place for a peaceful skate. There are long gentle slopes as well as steeper ones, which are still suitable for beginners. The paved Vorobyovskaya EmbankmentRussian: Vorobyovskaya naberezhnaya or Воробьёвская набережная is also a good place for skating. Its length is 4 km when including Andreevskaya Embankment, which then becomes Gorky Park Embankment. Rentals and snack bars are available along the waterfront, and a beach is located on the Andreevskaya Embankment.

The path running from the Observation DeckRussian: Smotrovaya ploschadka or Смотровая площадка to Mosfilmovskaya StreetRussian: Mosfilmovskaya ulitsa or Мосфильмовская улица is perfect for downhill skating. Another interesting place nearby is Moscow City Palace of Children and Youth’s Creativity on Sparrow HillsRussian: Moskovskiy gorodskoy dvorets tvorchestva detey i yunoshestva na Vorobyovykh gorakh or Московский городской дворец творчества детей и юношества на Воробьёвых горах, which neighbours a skate park with some interesting features.

Just next to Sparrow Hills, you will find LuzhnikiRussian: Лужники activity park (Bld. 1, 24 Luzhniki St). There are no slopes here, so you can enjoy skating on a smooth, purpose-built cycle track. Luzhniki offers rental services – renting a pair of roller skates will cost you 200 RUB/hour.

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