• The length of ski runs in Moscow and Moscow Region varies between 150m and 2,000m and altitudes vary between 20m to 100m.
  • The skiing run on Vorobyovy Gory can host international competitions. The maximum slope length is 230m and the vertical drop is 45m.
  • Kant Skiing Resort offers 17 ski runs, cross-country and aerial skiing trails and a snowboard park. Slope length: 80-350m. Vertical drop: 55m.
  • Lata Track in Krylatski Hillls has the main and sports slopes. Slope length: 350m. Vertical drop: 60m. Other highlights include a snowboard park and snow tubing.
  • Snezhkom Indoor Skiing Resort in Krasnogorsk is a year-round skiing facility. Slope length: 365m. Slope width: 60m. Vertical drop: 65m.
  • The village of Stepanovo in Moscow Region has 960-meter long slopes with 90-meter vertical drops. In the town of Yakhroma, the maximum trail length is 450m and the vertical drop is 70m.

img_130259_sMoscow and its surrounding regions have a wide selection of winter sport venues. The length of ski runs ranges from 150 m to 2,000 m, and altitudes vary between 20 m and 100 m. Many trails host competitions among professionals and amateurs. The ski season begins in November and finishes in March. The climate in Moscow is, without a doubt, very different from that of the Alps, but special guns and snow groomers disseminate snow on many slopes, which makes it possible to maintain a high quality of trails regardless of changing weather conditions. Skiing is possible even in summertime in the year-round SnezhkomRussian: Снежком ski resort.


img_130261_sVorobyovy GoryRussian: Vorobyovy gory or Воробьёвы горы is one of Moscow’s seven hills. The elevated banks of the Moscow RiverRussian: Moskva-reka or Москва-река boast a great view of the city and the hill offers three slopes for skiing and snowboarding to enthusiasts in the cold months. You will feel like a real athlete on this, the only FIS-certified trail in Moscow in line with the highest world standards. This hills is therefore the site of  international sports competitions.

The maximum length of the slopes is 230 m, and the vertical drop is 45 m. A snowboard park with equipment for doing tricks is open to boarding lovers, and a bar lift or a chair lift will take you up the slope right to the start. 800-meter and 3,000-meter-long trails are available to cross-country skiers, and, in the dark, visitors will enjoy the views of night-lit Moscow from here. Every kind of snow equipment is available for rent.

This location is easily accessible on foot from Vorobyovy Gory Metro Station (the first metro coming from downtown). Address: Moscow, 28, Kosygina StreetRussian: ulitsa Kosygina or улица Косыгина.


The total number of trails here is 17, with nine of them being ideal for beginners who are new to the world of extreme winter sports. There is a trail for cross-country skiing, one for freestyle skiing as well as a snowboard park.

The trails’ length varies from 80 m to 350 m, and the vertical drop is 55 m. Lighting and lifts are of good quality. A sporting goods store is open on the premises, along with a rental and repair workshop, where skilled specialists will fix any broken equipment in no time. Visitors can leave their personal belongings in a locker. Sports enthusiasts are warmly invited to at a cozy café where they will enjoy traditional Alpine dishes while resting after their active day.

The ski resort is located at Bulk 2, 7, Elektrolitny DrivewayRussian: Elektrolitnyi proezd or Электролитный проезд, NagornayaRussian: Нагорная Metro Station.

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img_130262_sLata TrackRussian: Лата Трэк, one of Moscow’s large-scale skiing resorts, is located in the natural and historical Moskvoretsky ParkRussian: park «Moskvoretskiy» or парк «Москворецкий» in Krylatsky HillsRussian: Krylatskie kholmy or Крылатские холмы, which is among Moscow’s most ecologically diverse districts. It has wonderful views of the city, the flood basin of the Moskva River and the FiliRussian: Фили Park.

The 350-metre and 300-metre-long main and sports slopes with a 60-meter-high vertical drop will leave an unforgettable impression on skiers. A ski town for kids is located at the foot of the hills. The HomePlace snowboard park is open on the premises of the resort, featuring a 150-meter-long trail and numerous slides and jumps, helping enthusiasts sharpen their skills. A 150-meter-long tubing slope is available to those who are fond of speed but have not yet had the nerve to take up skiing or snowboarding.

img_130263_sTrails are well-lit and equipped with lifts. Snow groomers and artificial snow-making machines keep the trails in good condition, and experienced instructors are happy to help beginner skiers choose the right equipment and start skiing. Krylatskoye also features an ice-rink where you can go skating or play hockey. Cross country skiers will enjoy picturesque views of the surroundings while skiing.

The resort is located at 1, Krylatskaya StreetRussian: Krylatskaya ulitsa or Крылатская улица a 15- to 20-minute walk from MolodyozhnayaRussian: Молодёжная or KrylatskoyeRussian: Крылатское Metro Stations. To get there from Oktyabrskoye PoleRussian: Октябрьское поле or SokolRussian: Сокол Metro Stations, take the bus №691 or the trolleybus №19, get off at the Krylatsky MostRussian: Крылатский мост stop and then proceed on foot to the resort.


img_130265_sLocated in the town of KrasnogorskRussian: Красногорск, Shezhkom is Russia’s first year-round skiing resort. It is well-equipped and has high quality trails, which are well-maintained even in summertime. Snezhkom, or TrubaRussian: Труба, as it is sometimes called, employs ice-crush technology to produce snow by grinding thin ice blocks into a snow powder. Snow groomers operate on the slope, regularly applying snow along the trail.

With an area of 22,000 square metres, this resort is has trails of 365 metres in length, 60 metres in width and a 65-metre vertical drop. The snow cover is 100 cm thick. The resort is maintained at an ambient temperature of -5С°.

Beginner skiers are offered a special 54-metre-long slope serviced by a separate lift, while experienced skiers use a special hard slope. The snowboard park features all types of snowboarding jumps, rentals and a repair workshop, img_130264_salong with an ice-rink where you can go skating or play hockey with your friends. After training, relax in the aqua zone or play laser tag.

The Shezhkom year-round skiing resort is located close to Moscow, in the town of Krasnogorsk, at 4, Krasnogorsky BoulevardRussian: Krasnogorskiy bulvar or Красногорский бульвар. To get there from Moscow, take the fixed-route taxi №856 from TushinskayaRussian: Тушинская Metro Station or the fixed-route taxi №857 from StroginoRussian: Строгино Metro Station.


img_130266_sThe Leonid Tyagachov Ski ResortRussian: Gornolyizhnyi klub Leonida Tyagachyova or Горнолыжный клуб Леонида Тягачева is the oldest ski club of the Moscow RegionRussian: Moskovskaya oblast or Московская область, located at the very top of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya RidgeRussian: Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya gornaya gryada or Клинско-Дмитровская горная гряда, just 40 kilometres north of Moscow. A sports school for prospective Olympic participants, established here back in the 1960s, graduated many renowned Soviet and Russian skiers. The club has remained committed to its tradition of sporting excellence, with its territory now being a training facility for national mountain-skiing and snowboard teams.

With an area of 95 hectares, the resort features 9 skiing trails ranging from 210 m to 600 m in length and a vertical drop of up to 96 metres, as well as a tubing and cross-country skiing trail. All of these are well lit. Since it takes a long time to get to TyagachovoRussian: Тягачево, it may make sense to spend a few days here rather than just one. A hotel complex and Swiss cottages are available for guests. The resort offers an ice-rink, a swimming pool, cafés and restaurants and img_130251_sequipment rentals. Experienced instructors will help beginner skiers find their feet. The overall infrastructure, however, needs upgrading; there are no changing rooms available if you come here just for skiing, and parking spaces are few. It would be a good idea to get here early in the morning to avoid these issues.

To get here, take the light rail from the Savelovsky Railway StationRussian: Savyolovskiy vokzal or Савёловский вокзал (Moscow) and get off at the TuristRussian: Турист station where taxis are always around (the distance from the Turist station to the resort is 3 km). To get there by car, get off the MKADRussian: МКАД and drive 39 kilometres along Dmitrovsky highwayRussian: Dmitrovskoe shosse or Дмитровское шоссе in the direction of the village of Shukolovo. Get off Dmitrovsky highway, turn left in the direction of the village of ShukolovoRussian: Шуколово and drive straight until you reach your destination, the Leonid Tyagachov Skiing Resort.


img_130254_sThe park consists of two units that are four kilometres apart; one of them is located near the town of YakhromaRussian: Яхрома, and the other near the village of StepanovoRussian: Степаново. Both units offer skiing and snowboarding trails for beginners and professionals alike. Yakhroma features 14 trails, 2 of them for beginners. Stepanovo, on the other hand, offers only 4 trails, but they are longer and steeper. As an example, in Yakhroma, the maximum length of the trail is 450 metres with a 70-metre vertical drop, while the longest trail is 960 metres with a 90-metre vertical drop in Stepanovo.

All trails are well lit and equipped with lifts and artificial snow making machines, resulting in good visibility even at night or on a cloudy day; the quality of the trails remains excellent, even when it hasn’t snowed for a while. Yakhroma features 11 lifts, 7 of them bar lifts, 3 baby lifts and 1 inclined conveyer. Stepanovo offers just two lifts, but these are two-seat chairlifts.

img_130256_sBeginner skiers may get help from instructors and, if necessary, rent skiing equipment. A ski club is open for children aged 3 to 10, where training is provided by experienced instructors. The Volen sports parkRussian: sportivnyi park «Volen» or спортивный парк «Волен» also offers ski services and lockers.

A hotel complex comprising one main building and sixteen ‘Russian houses’ is available in the park. Visitors can book just a room (with breakfast included) or a skiing package, which includes accommodation, three meals a day, instructor’s services and equipment rental.

Address in Yakhroma: Moscow Region, Dmitrovsky DistrictRussian: Dmitrovskiy rayon or Дмитровский район, Yakhroma, 1, Troitskaya StreetRussian: ulitsa Troitskaya or улица Троицкая (“Volen”). Address in Stepanovo: Moscow Region, Dmitrovsky Distric, Stepanovo (“Stepanovo”)

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