Some facts about Russia and the Russians you probabli didn`t know

Some facts about Russia and the Russians you probabli didn`t know

We have collected through the Internet some facts about Russia and impressions of travelers to Russia. Some of them you might have not expected.

One odd Russian superstition is to avoid whistling indoors

“If you whistle in the house, then all the money will fly out of the window.”

Russians sit quietly for a few seconds before traveling

to_sitBefore heading out on a journey, they say “Присядем на дорожку,” which means “let’s sit down for the road.”

New Year’s is a way bigger deal than Christmas

In fact, even though Russia has a large Christian population, gifts are exchanged at midnight on New Year’s, rather than on Christmas Day.

It’s bad luck to return to your house after you already left

People will go to great lengths to avoid stepping back into the house when they forgot something, like asking a relative to bring whatever they forgot outside to them.

Russian doesn’t need a subject and a verb to complete a sentence

Therefore “Dog.” or “Was walking.” are both complete sentences.

The name Red Square has nothing to do with communism

… but derives from the word “krasnyi”, which once meant “beautiful”.

It’s considered wimpy to lower the ear flaps on your Ushanka (fur hat)

ivan_danko-ushanka…unless the temperature drops below -20C.

Russians Don’t Smile to Strangers

When Russians meet a stranger they usually don’t smile, but behind this icy exterior most are just big pussycats.

Russians Love Jokes

Russians are generally very cheerful people. They love joking, pulling each other’s leg, and telling funny stories.


russian_teaRussians absolutely love their tea. In the morning, in the middle of the day, right before bed – every time is a good time for tea. Green tea, black tea, herbal tea, fruit tea: they have it all.

Russian Pride

Patriotism holds an important place in Russian culture. They are proud of their history and of their contributions to the world.

Doors open out

Speaking of doors, the ones in Russia open out. Most stores and homes in the USA have doors that open in. It’s not really an issue except when you forget and slam into it when trying to enter a store.

It usually only happens when a dozen or so people are watching.

The non-obtrusive Russian service

If you are dining at a restaurant, you will need to call your waitress for everything. In the States you would get frustrated if the waitress didn’t come to take your order in a few minutes.

In Russia, it is considered impolite to interrupt the guest’s meal… even before it starts. Don’t be shy about getting attention or asking for the bill. If you don’t, you’ll be there a long time.

The love of sushi

Sushi is everywhere.

I found it odd that even though Moscow is so far from the coast, every block has a sushi restaurant.

Secret Russian friendliness

Nevertheless, Russians (even with their gloomy faces) usually help people in need, without wanting anything in return.


moscow_trafic1Moscow is thrilling and sometimes scary. “I was surprised at how wide the roads are in central Moscow. Some of these were built for planes to land during the war. Sixteen lanes of traffic jam looks like Diwali [the Hindu festival of lights] but it’s not the best thing when you are a part of it,” says Rahul from India. However, despite the frustrating traffic jams, Russians still buy giant SUVs.

No matter who you are

“Unlike many countries in the West, Russia is by far the least racist country I have traveled to. In general, your skin color, race, or language doesn’t matter for Russians as long as you are good with them,” comments Saikat from India.

Russian police and security guards

“Security forces are everywhere,” says Georg Drennig from Austria. And he is right: There are a lot of police and security guards in Russia.

Churches everywhere

churches in MoscowIn Russia the number of churches (40,000) almost equals the number of hospitals. “Churches are not the first thing I think of when I think of Russia. But let me tell you that they are everywhere in the country.

Sadness of leaving

I was sad to leave. After a month in Moscow I expected to be ready to go home and back to my regular routine. Nothing could have been further from the truth


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