Theatre Art Studio

Theatre Art Studio

The Theatre Art StudioRussian: Studiya teatralnogo iskusstva or Студия театрального искусства, under the directorship of Sergey Zhenovach (STIRussian: СТИ), is a new Moscow theatre, where classical works are cherished and staged with great success. People don’t come here to see renowned actors, but it is a ‘sincere and non-bustling’ place, according to Sergey Zhenovach. It is definitely worth a visit. The Theater is in the Garden Ring, so it’s quite easy to get there. If you live further, you can reach the Theater by public transport or Moscow taxi.


316_image2_sThe Studio’s repertoire is based on the classics of world literature that hardly ever find their way to the stage. Here you can see Moscow to the End of the LineRussian: Moskva-Petushki or Москва-Петушки by Venedikt Yerofeyev, The BoysRussian: Malchiki or Мальчики and Brother Ivan FyodorovichRussian: Brat Ivan Fedorovich or Брат Иван Федорович based on The Brothers KaramazovRussian: Bratia Karamazovy or Братья Карамазовы by Fyodor Dostoevsky, and even The NotebooksRussian: Zapisnye knizhki or Записные книжки based on Anton Chekhov’s diaries. The ‘zhenovachi’ (this is how Moscow theatre-goers call the studio’s troupe) represent a fine example of Russian theatre and create some really relevant productions of classical literary works without feeling the need to modernize or debase the original texts, but rather following them word for word.

Many famous theatres — Chekhov Moscow Art TheatreRussian: MKhT im. Chekhova or МХТ им. Чехова, Vakhtangov TheatreRussian: Teatr im. Vakhtangova or Театр им. Вахтангова and SovremennikRussian: Современник — were originally small studios that united friends and like-minded people, and the Theatre Art Studio remains one of these. Its troupe consists of students of Sergey Zhenovach’s studio who, upon graduation from GITISRussian Institute of Theare Arts Russian Institute of Theatre Arts in 2005, decided to stay together and establish their own theatre with Sergey Zhenovach as its director.


The Theatre Art Studio is located on the premises of what was formerly a gold tinsel factory run by the Alexeyev family. A member of this family, Konstantin Alexeyev, known internationally by his pseudonym ‘Stanislavsky’, opened a small 250-seat factory theatre featuring excellent (for that time) ventilation and lighting. This theatre opened its doors in 1904. Alexeyev-Stanislavsky’s first stage production was A. Ostrovsky’s play The ForestRussian: Les or Лес. In 2006, one century after the construction of the theatre, renovation works started in the building, with stage designer Alexander Borovsky and architect Sergey Kutsevalov becoming immersed in the creation of the Theatre Art Studio. Theatre enthusiasts managed to combine the atmosphere of a factory and the coziness of a home, plastering and painting bricks white and keeping the original Monier arches and the old ventilation system. In the lobby is a large family-size dinner table inviting visitors to enjoy a cup of tea in a relaxing atmosphere. One can have a talk or read a book borrowed from the Authors’ CornerRussian: Ugolok avtorov or Уголок авторов, featuring portraits and a bookcase filled with books, on which stage performances are based – you can even confirm yourself that the performances are true to the original texts. The table is laid with plates of apples before every performance, with the exception of Three yearsRussian: Tri goda or Три года when spectators are treated to homemade jam.

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Within Garden Ring

Nearest Metro Station

Taganskaya (circle line), Taganskaya (radial line), Marksistskaya


Bld.7, 21 Stanislavsky Street, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Ticket offices are open every day from 11 a.m. till 10.30 p.m.

Days off


Ticket Price

From 500 to 6000 rubles.
Photo and video during the performance are prohibited.

Visiting Rules


Additional Information

There is an opportunity to buy tickets online.


Theatre Art Studio. Auditorium. Photo:
Theatre Art Studio. Foyer. Photo:
Theatre Art Studio
Theatre Art Studio
Potudan River, a theatrical performance
'The Gamblers' based on a play by Nikolai Gogol
The Decayed Family, a theatrical performance

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