VEB Arena

VEB Arena

The Grigory Fedotov VEB ArenaRussian: Arena TsSKA imeni Grigoriya Fedotova or Арена ЦСКА имени Григория Федотова is one of Moscow’s most large-scale sports facilities. The construction of this, the highest fourth category UEFA stadium lasted for almost ten years, and it is now capable of hosting major international sports events. With its strong focus on football, an outstanding pitch, 30,000 seating capacity and a club museum, this arena is already one of Moscow’s prominent landmarks, and is a favourite amongst match attendees!


img_13028_sCSKA football players and fans are rightly proud of their home stadium. The scope of the construction project was ambitious, as the arena is huge – 174,100 square metres! The stadium has an area of 78,000 square metres, a 30,000 seating capacity and 1,400 parking spaces. The stands are located as close to the football pitch as possible so that spectators feel directly involved in the events they are watching.

The arena looks impressive from the exteriors, but the interiors are rather cozy. Only 30% of the football pitch is artificial, and the rest is covered with natural grass which is interwoven with synthetic threads using a special technique to strengthen the root system and prevent damage. The stadium’s stands are divided by the four letters which form the club’s abbreviated name, – C, S, K, and A. The stands are as close to the pitch as possible with a high degree of tilt;  therefore, there are almost no “dead zones” here.


img_13029_sPersons with impaired mobility are provided with facilitated ways of accessing to the World Cup 2018 stadiums. The Northern and Southern standsRussian: Severnaya i Yuzhnaya tribuny or Северная и Южная трибуны have been equipped with vast spaces for watching games which are appropriate for this purpose. Special lifts with increased weight capacity  also facilitate access to the stands.

The VEB Arena is intended for not only football games but also other sporting events and large-scale concerts. One of the this stadium’s main advantages is its multi-functionality.

A sports school for children and young people, located under the stands, opened its doors at the same time as the arena. It also hosts the club’s first CSKA museumRussian: muzey TsSKA or музей ЦСКА featuring two dozen prizes won under the president of the PFC CSKA Moscow, Yevgeni Giner, and various exhibits from the Soviet period. The most important exhibits are those img_13027_sabout the legendary “team of lieutenants”, the strongest in the USSR in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The company shop of the PFC CSKARussian: ПФК ЦСКА Moscow also moved here and is now located on the first level of the North entrance.

Four towers have been added to each corner of the arena. A 38-storey high-rise towers in the south-western sector, resembling the UEFA Cup won by the CSKA team in 2005. The sports complex includes a hotel, where guests can observe workouts and games without leaving their room. City officials promise to upgrade, within the next year and a half, this new jewel in the crown of Moscow by enlarging access roads and planning out a new pedestrian-friendly park.

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The very first stadium of the Central Sport Club of the ArmyRussian: stadion Tsentralnogo Sportivnogo Kluba Armii or стадион Центрального Спортивного Клуба Армии (CSKA), opened in Moscow in 1961. It was named after the renowned Soviet football player Grigory Fedotov. It was home to CSKA players and fans for a long time, however, the stadium’s arena did not meet a number of criteria applied to the best clubs. For instance, the stadium’s proximity to the Khodynka AerodromeRussian: Khodynskiy aerodrom or Ходынский аэродром hampered the installation of light posts on the premises, and its two stands had a seating capacity of only 10,000 people. The old stadium was therefore dismantled in 2006.

Construction of the new arena began in 2007 and lasted almost ten years. The VEB Arena was officially opened on 23 August 2016, and the CSKA team played its first game here as part of the UEFA Champions League against the English Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

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Between Third Ring Road and Moscow Ring Road

Nearest Metro Station

Sokol, Aeroport, Polejayevskaya, Zorge station of Moscow Central Circle and Khoroshyovskaya, CSKA


2а 3-ya Peschanaya Street, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Days off


Visiting Rules

There is no entrance for persons under the influence of alcohol.


38-floor high-rise by the Arena
Lighting the Arena
Arena CSKA seats 30,000
Sports school for children and young people
During a football match
Aerial view of the Arena CSKA
Locker room for football players
Football field with natural grass
First eleven

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