Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art

Winzavod Centre for Contemporary Art


  • Winzavod is a loft project carried out in 2007 by Russian architect A. Brodski on the premises of the former Moscow Bavaria Brewery (19th c.).
  • The Centre holds regular exhibitions, festivals, concerts, master classes, film screenings, theatre premieres, art studios and so on.
  • Entrance to many events is free of charge.
  • The Centre features shops, show rooms, cafés, a dance studio and a variety of educational projects.
  • As an example, the 33 1/3 Record Gallery has all sorts of vinyl records, even the rarest ones.

During the rise of the popularity of loft-style architecture in the early 21st century, the Winzavod Art CentreRussian: Tsentr sovremennogo iskusstva «Vinzavod» or Центр современного искусства «Винзавод» was redeveloped from the Moscow Bavaria breweryRussian: zavod «Moskovskaya Bavariya» or завод «Московская Бавария». This loft-style conversion was completed in 2007. Today, the Centre has become Russia’s hub of culture and creative power hosting exhibitions, biennales, festivals, concerts, master classes, creator-owned art galleries, schools and ateliers.


488_image2_sIn 2007, as suggested by the founder of the Centre for Contemporary Art,  Roman Trotsenko, reconstruction of the factory was carried out by Alexander Brodsky, a renowned conceptual architect, winner of the Kandinsky Prizenamed after Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky , and one of the brains behind the ‘paper architecture’ movement of the 1980s. Brodsky, who sees trivial things from an unusual perspective, wanted to do a thorough restoration of the old buildings while preserving the spirit of continuing energy and production, which was crucial, since one of Winzavod’s key missions is to support modern art and talented young artists. The architect intended the loft to consist of seven industrial buildings which date back to the late 19th century. Major exhibition venues are housed in the four main buildings that have retained their names from their roots as wineries: White HallRussian: Tsekh belogo or Цех белого, Red HallRussian: Tsekh krasnogo or Цех красного, Grand Wine CellarRussian: Bolshoe vinokhranilische or Большое винохранилище and Fermentation HallRussian: Brodilnyi tsekh or Бродильный цех.

On our website we have collected the most interesting Moscow events of the year. If you want to learn more about Moscow concerts, Moscow opera, ballet Moscow or to visit any famous Moscow drama theater, you will find a lot of useful information on our webpages.


489_image3_sToday, Winzavod holds important exhibitions, festivals, presentations, film screenings, concerts and opening-night theatre performances. This creative hub hosts a number of art galleries – 11.12, FotoLoft, Frolov Gallery, Pop/off/art, Gallery White (a gallery inside a window), XL, AidanRussian: Айдан, M&U GuelmanRussian: М&Ю Гельман, GrinbergRussian: Гринберг (former, ProneRussian: Проун, ReginaRussian: Риджина and the Pechersky Gallery. Another display area called STARTRussian: Старт is reserved for young artists, and the Platform is a venue for modern art performances. Entrance to many events is free.

As well as hosting exhibitions, Winzavod invites visitors to take a look inside the creative studios of renowned painters, designers and photographers. It also houses various educational projects. The School of Visual ArtsRussian: Shkola vizualnykh iskusstv or Школа визуальных искусств, for example, teaches you how to run a book project and edit photographs; at the School of Collectors and ExpertsRussian: Shkola kollektsionerov i ekspertov or Школа коллекционеров и экспертов, you can attend a series of lectures on architecture and the evolution of Russian painting; 490_image4_sThe Wordshop Academy of CommunicationsRussian: Akademiya Kommunikatsiy Wordshop or Академия Коммуникаций Wordshop gives you the opportunity to receive supplementary education by attending one of its three training programs: ‘Advertising’, ‘Video’ or ‘Production’.

The DanceOptions dancing studio has opened its doors to those who are fond of active movements. People who like meaningful shopping will enjoy a multitude of shops and showrooms. As an example, the FalansterRussian: Фаланстер bookstore has a wide selection of Humanities-related books, and one can find any vinyl records, even the rarest ones, at the Vinyl Gallery ‘33 1/3’.

Two cafés – Khitrye LyudiRussian: Хитрые люди; meaning ‘resourceful people’ and [tooltip text="Russian: цурцум"]tsurtsum[/tooltip]café are currently open in this creative complex, and also, hidden inside Entrance 6, is a tiny German photo booth allowing you to take original SchnellfotoRussian: Шнельфото instant 491_image5_spictures. In other words, when planning a trip to Winzavod make sure you can spend a full day there or, at least, half a day!

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Kurskaya, Chkalovskaya


1/6 4-th Syromyatnicheskiy Lane, Moscow


Museum Opening Hours / Ticket Office Opening Hours

Tu: 12 p.m. - 8 a.m.
We: 12 p.m. - 8 a.m.
Th: 12 p.m. - 8 a.m.
Fr: 12 p.m. - 8 a.m.
Sa: 12 p.m. - 8 a.m.
Su: 12 p.m. - 8 a.m.

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Ticket Price

From 50 to 400 rubles depending on visitor's category and programme of visits.
Photo and video filming (amateur) is included in the price of admission.

Visiting Rules


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There is an opportunity to buy tickets online.


Florian once lived here. Exhibition
Those who bring hope. Exhibition
Gallery of records
Alexander Savvich Brodski
XL Gallery
Small Size Sculpture. Group exhibition
FAVELA. Exhibition
Tsurum Cafe
Artist Darya Kudinova
Humiliated and Inspired. Exhibition
Self-Organization of Cats, People and Machines. Round table
Creative ateliers. Project
Tegin Fashion House
Believe It or Not Store
Cosmotheca Beauty Shop
Phalanstère Bookstore
Angar Exhibition Space
Workshop of the Red. Exhibition
Renovated Moscow Bavaria
Wine warehouse facilities
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Featured reviews

Visitor rating:   4.0

March 2017
Winzavod pleased me with large halls. However, it was quite stuffy. Perhaps, ventilation is not designed for such a large number of visitors. I was puzzled by the fact that only one employee worked in the cloakroom. A huge line was formed.

March 2017
On the territory, there are several independent exhibition spaces, cafes, shops. It is better to learn about expositions in advance on the website of Winzavod, or to watch idly and rejoice in what you will find.

January 2017
Lovers of surrealism won't get bored, there are interesting exhibitions, including free ones, it's better to come after lunch, but not later. It's interesting, varied and original here, there is place to sit.

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